Side Effects of Healing

Listen to any commercial on any network and you’ll hear any number of advertisements for medications. The thing that bothers me is the side effect of these meds are usually worse than the malady they’re used to treat. For the most part, I’d rather not take the meds.

What about emotional, spiritual and energy healing? What are the consequences of energetic healing? Anytime thought processes, feelings, behaviors or energy vibration in general change there is an overall change in the aura around you. This affects everyone who comes in contact with you.  You have disrupted the energy frequency in your aura and others will feel it. They may consciously be thinking they like the change in attitude, behavior etc., but there are subtle vibratory changes they may not be consciously aware of, but still feeling.

In healing there is that euphoric moment when you realize, “Hey, I feel better.” But then you have to adjust to the new and improved you. This is not a big deal for you, because you know what is going on inside for the most part.  But the people around you may be wondering what’s up. Also, when you healed, you changed your perception of other people and their energy. You are now interacting with and communicating with others in a new way. The change in your energy is causing you to interpret and react differently to other people’s energy.  You may think you are sensing a change in someone close to you, when in fact, you are the one who changed and what you’re really sensing is the change in your own perception of this person, they’ve not changed a bit, but you have.

Any time healing occurs it’s a good thing. Just keep in mind that as your vibration and frequency line up with your healed state, everyone around you is having to become comfortable with the change and your own perceptions are also needing time to re-aline.

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7 thoughts on “Side Effects of Healing

  1. Here you are Katrina! I have visited your blog many times, when it came through in my blog reader, but then got confused because when you comment on my blog, it links to a now defunct blog of yours I think. It is probably defaulting to that, but I just thought I would let you know, because it means anyone who reads your comment and might want to click through can’t find your blog…probably something you just need to fix in your wordpress or gravatar settings, or perhaps just the next time you enter a comment on a wordpress blog…

    Anyway, love your blog and the beautiful energy you are putting out into the world:-) – Lisa

    • Katrina

      Thank you for letting me know, I’ll look into it, and thanks for reading, need to e-mail you soon and give you an update, 🙂

  2. Paula

    I recently stopped taking my antidepressant medication and am FINALLY feeling the most like me than I have felt in months! The meds helped, initially, but I knew I needed to work on being me naturally. I also upped my yoga practice, my writing, my thinking, my talking, and my research toward understanding myself and how to live better. Thanks for posting!

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