Exploring the World

This is for the people who crave the positive drama. The euphoric highs of non-stop excitement. I’m an adrenalin junkie, I love the rush of anything that takes me to the edge then brings me back semi-safely and I know there are many others out there just like me.  But is it really good for us? And what does this say about our fragile psychological inner workings?  What makes us crave the adrenalin rush, the excitement of going too fast, too high, too far, too deep?

When we dare to explore the controlled dangers we’re putting things into perspective. We are stepping outside our comfort zone and stretching our safe place limits. Why? I think I speak for many of you, when I say, there’s a freedom involved, a proving that we can escape the mundane and ordinary. That we can explore the areas outside of our comfort zones and still be safe. And once you step beyond your perceived boundaries and learn to feel safe, then your comfort zone becomes bigger. Each time you move beyond a perceived boundary and enlarge your comfort zone the world opens up a bit, the world is less scary, less intimidating, and you realize you’re more in control than you thought. You learn, grow and mature when you accept that life is as big (or small) as you choose for it to be.

If you spend too much time being afraid of dying, soon you’ll become afraid of living. Whether its excitement or anxiety is all a matter of perspective.

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11 thoughts on “Exploring the World

  1. Paula

    It’s just a bit difficult to get a life insurance policy if you enjoy jumping out of planes. Hehe! But seriously, stepping out of my comfort zone the past year or so has awakened a new and better me. I’m actually going to attend my first concert (Coldplay) in 15 years!! Crowds scare me, but I bought the tickets in December and have been preparing myself for the July show. No panic attacks for me! (fingers crossed!)

    • Katrina

      You’ll do great and have an amazing time, and the trick with the life insurance policy, is don’t tell how often you jump out of planes 😉

  2. I am nominating you for a Sunshine Award….http://makebelieveboutique.com/2012/06/19/2842/

  3. Katrina, My controlled danger is scuba diving and I do feel amazingly free when I do it. I’ve gotten lots of training and am very conscientious when I dive, but it is a somewhat risky hobby. Yet, I would not give it up willingly. Thanks for a great post. – Cathy

  4. Love the post Katrina 🙂
    I’m a very safe unadventurous type so it helps me understand the more adventurous people around.

  5. My favorite movie scene is in ‘LeMans’ Steve McQueen is asked why a man wants to drive faster than anyone else? His reply is “for men who race, that’s life, everything that comes before or after, is just waiting”

    • Katrina

      I had forgotten that line, but that is the way I feel sometimes, I think in truth, we all feel that way at some point about some experience

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