Something from Nothing

I recently watched an interview with author, Lawrence Krauss. His book “A Universe from Nothing” is causing a stir for many who reject the Big Bang Theory. What grabbed my attention was his theory that there can be “nothing” and then suddenly be “something”. So today I read excerpts from the book and while I don’t agree with his philosophy, he makes some valid points in favor of the spiritual principle that we create our world with our thoughts. And I’m sure from the interview and the book, he had no intention of endorsing anything spiritual.

This post is really not about his theories but more about my ideas after considering his theories. He is obviously an extremely intelligent person and I learned quite a bit of sound scientific knowledge from the excerpts I read. But what I do best is find the spiritual component in any theory.

I have really meditated on the concept from both a spiritual and scientific perspective and I’m beginning to see (feel) that perhaps we create not just with thoughts but with a combination of thoughts and feelings together, which when they combine produce an energy unique to the combination and to the individual who created the combination. This may also be true of plants, animals, water, earth and energies in space. Combining consciousness and feeling to produce creative energy thereby making something from nothing.

When learning the law of attraction, we not only hold the image but direct ourselves into the image to create the feelings we want to attract. Life is not a picture or even a video, life is about feeling. Would conscious thought really exist without a feeling supporting the thought? Right now, while writing this post, I feel the breeze coming through the window, I feel the water I’m drinking, and I’m feeling my emotions of calm, peace and wonderment at the ideas flooding through me. The thoughts are creating wonder, or is it the other way around and the sensation of wonder is creating the thoughts? Can they be separated or are they dependent upon each other to exist?

I’m not trying to solve any mystery, I’m merely putting the ideas out there for all of you to ponder along with me and perhaps experiment with as we continue to create our world.

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14 thoughts on “Something from Nothing

  1. Reblogged this on Religion4All and commented:
    Very interesting food for thought for anyone on either side of this debate!

  2. So interesting – I love the way you tick!

  3. If you would like to get a better view of the perspective you are discussing I’d suggest checking out Greg Braden’s work Beyond Zero Point, especially the second CD. It is some of his earlier work but foundational to what he continues to write. He is a native of Taos, NM, so you might get the opportunity to see him. I recommend his work highly. Thank you for this insight …
    Namaste …

  4. Thought provoking post Karina…

  5. such an important posting, thank you katrina

    esp liked,

    “I’m beginning to see (feel) that perhaps we create not just with thoughts but with a combination of thoughts and feelings together, which when they combine produce an energy unique to the combination and to the individual who created the combination.” –

    i too have no “answer” but the above quote “feels” right “i think” 😉 have re-posted in digg!

  6. From what I understand of the Law of Attraction, Feelings indicate the relative value of the thought pushing into creation. That is, they indicate whether the thought is in the proximity of what is real and true (i.e., near or within the metaphorical “Vortex”) or illusion (i.e., outside the “vortex”). In this view, feelings are indicators of what the thought creates, with the thoughts being the agents of creation.

    Thoughts and feelings seem to be so intimately connected that it’s quite difficult to figure out which comes first and which have creative potential. You have offered a very interesting and provocative suggestion, which i shall mull over for a while. Thanks!!

    • Katrina

      Thank you, let me know what you come up with after you think it over.

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  8. I think I see your point now. If one reaches for a better feeling, a better thought will emerge. And, if one has a better thought, one creates a better reality. Fascinating–and, thank you!!

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