We are all responsible for ourselves to some degree. Even babies in the womb have a innate responsibility to grow, develop and become ready for birth. Responsibility for ourselves changes and evolves as we mature. However, how much responsibility do we have for other people? Parents are responsible for their children, we’re responsible for our pets, etc. I also believe we are responsible for those less fortunate. Finally, I believe there are eternal parents in this world and there are eternal children.  Your intelligence, age, socio-economic status, nor gender have anything to do with which role you assume.  Some people just don’t function well without another person at least giving moral support, advice or even concrete help. While there are those people who do pretty much everything for themselves, while also taking care of others and seeming to basically run the world.

But when have we crossed the line from helping someone who truly needs us over into that territory where we are either preventing them from evolving or enabling a negative behavior…or both?

This is a tough question, it comes up in my own life frequently. I’m one of the eternal parents of the world. My family, friends, all just seem to know this without there ever being any conversation about it. I’m good at it, I’ve been told that I really “have the mommy role down to an art form”, and one of my mother’s friends once said that if she reincarnated she wanted to come back as one of my pets.

I think the true issue is, its easier to take care of others, fix their problems, and make their lives less stressful, because, then I don’t have to watch them struggle or suffer. I think that’s why all the eternal parents of the world, (and most of you know who you are) do it, we’re all trying to alleviate as much suffering in the world as possible.

But at the end of the day, are we really helping, or are we hindering the growth and maturation of others?

Tough question.

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6 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. It is a tough question…but I think that’s what healers do, whether they’re charging for or not. Maybe some of us simply choose to alieve some of the suffering so people can finally learn to be happier? Great, thought provoking post, Katrina. – Cathy

  2. That really is a tough question – and a wonderful question – thank you Katrina! Jxx

  3. I love this post. Helping others is necessary. To answer your question, I think that when the help we give is by trying to “fix” other’s problem and life, we are just stopping their growth, but when we give emotional support and love, and we help by just being there for them while they take their own decisions, we are helping them grow.

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