Inspiration comes in many forms. One thing that inspires me is when readers appreciate my blog, especially when those readers have blogs of their own.  So, here are my most recent awards:

Elisa Cashiola has honored me with the

Please check out her blog, its wonderful and she gives great advice.

There are 7 questions to answer, so I’ll make this short and sweet

My favorite number is 4, it comes up and seems to have meaning to many things in my life

I love coffee, drink it every day in many ways

Favorite animal(s) I don’t have just one, I love and honor all animals, but my heart melts for wolves, horses and big cats

I use Facebook and Twitter both, but Facebook more

I’m passionate about saving the earth, the environment, not only endangered species, but all life forms so nothing is ever in danger of being extinct. I believe endangered lists shouldn’t be necessary

Saturday morning early is my most favorite time of the week. I’m fully into my weekend but there is still most of it to be enjoyed.

Favorite flower? again, I don’t have just one, I love all flowers, but I see a simplistic elegance in tulips and cala lillies

And my second award, jmgoyder has bestowed the upon me. Please check out this blog, it’s amazing and always enjoyable. Now, because of this award, my blog will be getting a face lift in the next couple of days with a new theme “Taking the guts out of fear.”

Thank you both for these great awards, I’m truly honored and humbled by your kindness.

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9 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Congratulations!!

  2. Yeeha! Sorry I put wrong link into my post, Katrina, but luckily you got it anyway!
    I will correct that now! Juliexx

  3. Wonderful bloggers coming together! 🙂

  4. Congratulations ❤

  5. Gotta appreciate a fellow coffee lover 😉

  6. Congratulations!! So well deserved. 🙂

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