Colors are like scents. They evoke for us some latent memory with often happy, comforting, or inspiring emotions attached. Often we are not immediately consciously aware of the underlying emotions stirring in us when we see colors which resonate with us. We tend to just get lost in the beauty of the hues.

Most of us have a favorite color even when we admittedly like all colors. There is usually a color that resonates with some part of you. William is drawn to the burnt, spicey orange shades, I am usually drawn to the richer purple hues. But if you asked us, we would probably both say we like all colors.

For the next few days I’m going to be exploring colors for a couple different reasons. Today, I’m starting with black. When seen in a person’s aura or chakras, many healers might tell you this is a negative spirit, illness or emotional imbalance. I’m not so sure. Black is the presence of all colors. So, before jumping to any conclusion over sensing a dark color in a person, I think we should first explore how the person perceives this color.

For me, I associate black with elegance. The black tie affair, the little black dress, the simple, basic goes with everything color. I have a picture of an extremely rare black lion. A male, with full mane and silky, shiny fur. When I came across this picture the first word which came to mind was majestic.

The Native American culture associates the four directions with four colors, north is white, east is yellow, south is red and west is black. They believe all people fall into these four categories. People come from only the north, south, east or west and all fall into one of these color ranges, white skin, red skin, yellow skin or black skin. Every one evolves from these four categories.

Black is a dominate cultural color. In viewing black from this perspective there is no negative connotation. It simply is what it is.Ā  Black, like everything in our world should be judged in context.


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15 thoughts on “Colors

  1. Love how you explore the other angle on this. Great post sweet girl! Quick question – were you tuning in a little after 10pm your time? Someone definitely was and I was wondering if it was you. šŸ™‚

  2. This is gonna be fun ……:)

  3. I would love to read your colour series! Being connected to fashion industry,I would
    give my vote to Black. In India , in many parts, Black is considered inauspicious and not worn on good occasion. I feel that Black is majestic,Black is beautiful,Black is elegant,Black is fashion.

    • Katrina

      Many traditional healing modalities shy away from or try to ‘fix’ black, I think this is not always a good thing, sometimes black can mean very auspicious and majestic energy

  4. Pawan Hira

    Colours you have poised in my heart, much inspired to write few lines this very night.
    Thank you for such description of colours and their values reflected in our lives.

  5. I appreciate your perspective on Black here–which is to view it through a variety of cultural and associative lenses. Very nice.

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