The Lady (or man) in Red

Red is one of the colors that crosses over into other colors. You need red to make pink, orange, purple, even the infamous black. And just like its counter part, black, red often gets a bad rap. It is associated with seduction, sin, even demons and the devil himself.

Which would lead you to wonder why almost all healing modalities associate red with the base chakra. Especially when you understand that the root chakra is the ‘base’ of your survival instincts, connection to the earth, and your ancestry.  This is also where your connection to other life forms originates.

There are as many shades of red as you can conjure in your imagination and each shade will be unique to the individual. So, as with black, I think you must first look at what red means to an individual person. Many people are starting to associate red with power and being in control. Red can be seductive, and seduction in the appropriate context is healthy. Red can be a symbol of prowess and inner strength, which if used wisely can benefit not only the individual but others the person interacts with. Red often symbolizes romance, think of deep velvety red roses. Red is also associated with Christmas, yes Christmas. Think of your sweet, innocent child and how she melts your heart and the hearts of others, in her red Christmas dress with all the frilly lace, or your son, in the cute little suit, and the red vest and/or matching tie.

Red and black are two of the strongest colors and have some of the most intense emotions attached to them. To truly appreciate the color red, you must dig deep and find the origins of your individual emotions which red stirs in you.  These are your feelings, and neither good nor bad, just like the color, your feelings are what they are for you.

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3 thoughts on “The Lady (or man) in Red

  1. Red is my favorite color – especially red shoes! And I think red is a “power” color. If I want to feel especially good about myself or if I’m making a presentation, I’ll often pick out a red outfit. Perks me right up! I’m enjoying your riff on colors, Katrina. Thank you! – Cathy

  2. Red is power, red is bold, red is heat.

  3. Red definately has a bad rap in some areas, but like you said there is a positive side as well. Negative is attached to many things but when we let all that go and see it for what it is, then all it is is a color, there is nothing negative about it. This reminds me of Ziggy Marley when he sang the song black cat. The black cat has a bad rap too n he wanted to change that 🙂 Check it out..

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