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Spiritual Purity

No matter what spiritual principle or creation theory you believe, everything came out of nothing. We are all connected to each other, we are all connected to all other life forms and we are all connected to the Divine.  Sounds lovely, until you take off the rose colored glasses and look at the world around you. The stress, drama and utter chaos that permeates even some of the best days seems to be in opposition to the concept of any Divinity. The secret is… Divine Creation, Divine existence, Divine love, Divine Spirituality, all Divinity is pure in its chaos. All is as it should be and everything is in balance, and all will be at peace when we stop trying to make it perfect. For it already is perfect, in its imperfection.

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Summer Fun

We all need to have a little fun, so I’ve decide my posts will be light, easy, and not too over whelming this week. And next week, I’ll be on vacation for the week, without the computer, so today’s post is about summer fun. Of course, you can have fun anytime, but summer is here now, so the now fun is what’s important.

Fun is spiritual, fun is healing and healing is spiritual, resting is healing and healing is spiritual, do I really need to go on? every Divine creator, no matter the name you scribe or principle you follow, they all teach about the importance of rest, healing, and humor.  Rest, healing , humor, relaxation, all are corner stones for health; mental/emotional, physical, spiritual health. So to get you started thinking fun thoughts here are some pictures I found… 

What does summer mean to you? What do fun, rest, and humor mean to you? There are no wrong answers, I’m curious, so lets get this party started!

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Redrafting Ourselves

In cleaning up the grounds of my internal landscapes, several epiphanies have come to light. We humans (in fact all life forms) are much more complicated than we realize. We are born with the imprint of past generations in our DNA. I look like my father and mother both, but I have my grandparents’ personalities. We are all melting pots of our ancestors. Over time physical bodies, mental/emotional inclinations, and spiritual tendencies morphed into the person we were at birth.

Fast forward and look at childhood friends, neighbors, teachers, even first boss or co-worker. As we grow and mature, every person we interact with has at least a minor effect on us. Also, seemingly innocent events can imprint for a life time. The more we interact with the world the more complicated we become ourselves. Suddenly we are young adults and we are unique individuals and for the most part we are a broad mix of all our experiences.

In reading about manifesting, law of attraction, finding inner peace, unconditional love, mostly what you find is how to change the things that are wrong with you. Many of us even heard this growing up in main stream religious teachings. Then we start digging up bones and unearthing the remnants of ourselves. We realize there is so much old programming, thought patterns, and personality traits which no longer serve us. That society, even the natural world around us is changing at lightening speed and we must also change or find that we don’t seem to belong. Which is just an illusion brought about by our insecurities. We are constantly striving to change ourselves, sometimes, even the good parts.

We look in the mirror, and maybe we like what we see, or we’re working in the garden, and realize we love the birds, flowers, and wildlife and don’t want to give into the modern concrete sterility around us. Yes, we want to make good money, but want to share it to support hungry people, or endangered species. We realize there are many things about ourselves we don’t want to change. We realize we’re not all bad. We have some very good qualities and we want to not only be recognized for those good qualities, we want to be respected for them.  So why are we not at peace with ourselves?

This is a two edged sword. There is old, worn out, programming, thought processes and personality traits we need to either reprogram or remove completely. But in so doing, we need to make sure the new programing, thought processes and feelings we operate from are based in self confidence, self worth and self respect. And here is one of the epiphanies I had recently, self confidence, self worth and self respect are based in unconditional love. Not just for ourselves but for everyone else also.  In developing ourselves internally, the true test of our level of development is the degree we feel for others that we feel for ourselves and the degree we feel for ourselves that we feel for others. You may need to read that last sentence more than once for it to truly resonate for you. We will respect others to the same degree we respect ourselves.

What we feel internally about ourselves is how we view others and the world in general. The feelings we have for ourselves is what we will manifest into our reality. The way we treat ourselves is the way we treat others, and we are manifesting, creating and living our physical, metal/emotional, and spiritual opinions of life.

If you would like some guidance in determining what you want to change and protecting what you want to keep about yourself, email me at

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That flaming hot emotion that attacks in the chest, belly and even in the lower gut. That urge to hit something, to break something, to smack the ever lovin S%!t out of something or someone.  Or possibly just to scream at the top of your lungs until there is no energy left inside of you.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, felt this way and maybe even acted upon the feelings to some degree. And we all know holding it in is not healthy. There is an extensive list of physical ailments caused metaphysically by not releasing your anger.  If you’re interested in this list or how to deal with your anger in healthy ways, email me, I’ll be happy to help.

But have you stopped to ask yourself where the anger really comes from? And no, no and did I say no, it is not caused by anyone else. It’s not the person who cut you off in traffic, its not your teenagers loud music, or your spouse ignoring you or your co-worker dumping on you.  These are the signals that we’re absorbing negative energy, but they are not the cause of the anger.

Anger, in fact all negative emotions are caused by allowing energy not in alinement with your true nature to invade your aura, energy field, or even physical body. Negative and positive are not good or bad, they are either in alinement with our true nature (positive) or they are not (negative). You are in control and decide how to react to or process the energies which bombard you every day. Acting in negative ways when faced with processing energy not in alinement  with you is when you are committing wrong actions or acting in a negative way.

How you process the energy around you, how you allow yourself to feel about another person’s actions, how you react to sights, sounds, even events is your call. Yes, I know sometimes bad things happen to us through no fault of our own, but at the end of the day we have the choice to send love and light to ourselves and outward to neutralize the energies which are not part of our true nature.

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What Dreams May Come

I want to thank momentum of joy for inspiritation and support, she often leads my thoughts when I’m meditating on my posts. If you have not checked her out, please do so, she’s amazing.

Being multidimensional creatures, we operate in a plethora of ways energetically every day. Based upon our cultural upbringing and beliefs, we name our spirits, ego, souls, ID, body and connection to the Divine and others in the Universe in ways which are comfortable for us. Yet we are all referring to the same forces, energies and experiences.

No matter your personal opinions of what may or may not happen in the next six months, life as we know it is changing rapidly every day and will continue to change. How it changes is basically up to us. If we want positive change then we must not only send out positive, life affirming, loving thoughts and energy, we must also perform very real positive actions as consistently as possible. We are the collective life force for our world, and how we think, feel and act determines the world we are living in today and will be living in tomorrow.

As we evolve spiritually, the energies in the Universe reach out to communicate with us. But are we listening? When doing any energy work, whether helping others or just doing your own internal work, the one thing I tell all my clients is, pay attention to your dreams. Not every dream is prophetic or life altering, sometimes “chocolate cake is just cake and a cigar is just a cigar. However, other times you are receiving very real messages either from your own subconscious or your spirit guides (guardian angels, whatever you call them).

The best way to tell the difference is, your subconscious uses pictures, images and codes to deliver messages, your spirit guides are usually a little more direct. You may actually hear words and phrases which resonate with you, you may see your guides in your dreams (or even in a form of reality depending on your comfort level with them). The messages you receive, whether from your subconscious or your guides, are usually meant to draw your attention to your own personal development, or and this is especially true of your guides, they may be drawing your attention to someone who needs your help, or support.  If the dream is especially vivid, and has lingering emotions which stay with you through out the day(s), I strongly recommend you analyze the dream and do your best to decipher the message.  Moment of Joy has written a wonderful blog on how to communicate with your guides,  and if you’re having difficulty deciphering a dream, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help you.

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Landscapes of Our Lives

As some of you know, I’m working on a new chakra meditation, which combines color therapy with allowing your individual chakras to develop into (or should I say out to) more evolved energy landscapes.  The wheels of energy which form the core of each chakra perform very intricate functions for us physically, mentally/emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Any blockage in an individual chakra or a blockage of communication between any of the chakras causes us any number of problems, including mental disruptions, emotional imbalances, physical illness, and spiritual disconnections.

When I first became aware of the ability of our chakras to develop out  to more intricate energy landscapes, I wasn’t sure what was happening. I was using color therapy to strengthen my individual chakras and one day while meditating on my root chakra it suddenly burst open like a flower blooming and instead of merely seeing the wheel of energy I was in an energy landscape which instantly revealed some intimate details of my base nature. And as I have continued working with this meditation the landscapes have continued to evolve out developing more details and becoming larger over time. Also, some chakra landscapes have changed completely while others have merely become larger and more pronounced. But each of my chakras begins as the wheel of energy and vibrates out developing very intricate landscapes which overtime are starting to flow together as my own energy universe, unique to me.  I’m comfortable that as I work with myself, the landscape of me will develop out to a connection to the Universe.

Some of the positive changes for me have been; I’m more aware of my physical body and its needs, I’ve had some very old, forgotten emotions from my childhood surface so I could release them and heal the places where they were once buried, I’ve connected with two new animal spirits which I was not previously aware were attracted to me, my voice is a little deeper, my body language has changed some and I’m much more aware of my body language when interacting with others, I’m more confident, I am relating to my present life differently, and I’m perceiving future possibilities in a new way.

I’m still taking volunteers for learning this meditation, so if you are interested, email me at

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Spending Energy

As a young mother, I was always tuning into my daughter psychically, energetically, and sometimes, just going with my gut. When she was about 4, we got a new puppy.  About the same time the puppy came to live with us a bat got in the house.  I was pretty sure the bat had not been any where near the puppy, but about 2 weeks after the bat incident, the puppy and my daughter got into an argument over a snack, which ended up with the pup biting my daughter rather hard.  I cleaned the bite and watched it for a couple days, and sure enough it became red, swollen and pussy.

I immediately took my daughter to the doctor, the puppy to the vet and one thing led to another until the decision was made the pup had to be checked for rabies. And there’s only one way to do that. I mourned the pup, but the anxiety over my daughter was intense. While waiting for the test results on the pup, I didn’t sleep, literally at all. I think I was awake 2 or 3 days just sitting with my daughter and pouring my positive, healing energy into her. Especially when she was sleeping.  I sat by her bed all night holding, praying, just keeping the positive, healing energy flowing.

Thankfully, the test results confirmed the puppy didn’t have rabies, and my daughter healed quickly.  However, I still recall how drained I was from the event. When we pour our energy into others we are giving a very intimate, very real, concrete part of ourselves to them. We are energy and we are capable of sharing our energy with ours, often we do this without realizing what’s happening, especially with our loved ones. And I will be the first to say this is a good thing. Yet you have to be careful that you are giving only what they truly need (and want) and know your limits.  To be able to give you must recharge regularly.

If anyone needs any help healing, re-energizing, or just to relax, please email me at or leave a message here and I’ll be happy to guide you through some healing exercises and meditations.

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Pouring Empty

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, I have not posted a blog in a few days. The reason is, I needed to rest. We all need rest, especially when we are involved in spiritual healing and energy work. I work on myself as much as I work on others to stay balanced and healthy. So the other morning when I went to refill my coffee cup and instead of pouring coffee from the pot into my empty cup, I found myself pouring from the empty cup into the coffee pot, I knew I needed some rest. Yet as always, I found myself analyzing this act and realized when we are completely worn out, when we have nothing left to give, when even crying requires too much effort, and food and drink have lost their appeal, when we are completely drained and are still trying to give and do for others, then we’re really just pouring empty.

And as the old saying goes, nothing from nothing leaves nothing. When you have nothing left to give and are still doing, you’re really not doing anyone any good. You’re just going through the motions, and while your intentions are pure, what can you really be providing when you’re drained?

When you allow yourself to rest, recharge, and seek help when you need healing, you are sending the message to yourself, other people and the Universe as a whole, that you respect and love yourself and expect the same from others. How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. Being good to yourself is actually setting a good example.

If you are pouring empty and need help refilling the cup, please email me at

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Entering the Dark to Find the Light

Seems like an oxymoron yet that is exactly what I’ve discovered with the new meditation I’m working on. Finding the landscapes of my chakras has also unearthed some programing that never served me yet was still there buried deep in the soil of my spirit.

All healing requires neutralizing or just removing habits, thought patterns and programing not in alinement with our authentic nature and/or may be just plain negative. And while many thought patterns and programing were initially instilled in us to protect us or help us learn proper behavior, most cultures don’t teach how to grow and develop the thought patterns and programing so we can live authentically, and fulfill our Divine purpose. So most of us end up “digging up bones” later in life to heal and fulfill our Divine destinies.

My epiphanies have been earth shattering (pun intended) and have given me a profound revelation. As we are all connected to the web of energy in the Universe, all are part of the Divine and each other. But to be truly enlightened we should not look outside ourselves, but inside. The answers, the truths, the Divine connection and clear vision are all found in the depths of us. By “digging up bones” and either neutralizing or removing thought patterns and programing which are not serving us, we open up and allow the light of the spiritual connection we seek to be fully manifest.

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Black Velvet

I’m feeling a little nostalgic, and this comforted me some, so pour yourself a drink and enjoy some blues with me.

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