Looking for Yourself

As most of you know I’m pretty good at interpreting dreams, well I realized today while meditating that sometimes the interpretation is not what you think you’re looking for. I know both from psychology 101 and spiritual experience that when you have the same basic dream repeatedly, your subconscious (inner child, higher self – some aspect of ‘you’ ) is trying to tell you something. I had one of those dreams last night, the people involved change some, but I’m always in the same place and I’m always looking for something, I’m not lost in the dream, the area is very familiar to me. Rather, its more like a treasure hunt.

So, my first instinct was to do what I usually do when in a spiritual quandary, I was going to take the morning off and sit on the patio with my spirits and ask for guidance, answers, whatever they could offer me. I began my new meditation (yes I’m going to be sharing it soon), and as I was meditating it suddenly came to me, what I’m looking for is a whole, complete, fully integrated ‘me’.

But then the real revelation hit me like flowers falling from the sky, like shooting stars lighting up the darkness. I am right here with me all the time, there are no missing pieces. Everything I ever was, am or will be, the me I was born to be, the me I’m still destined to be is all right here, fully integrated just waiting for me to acknowledge the wholeness. This dream is merely me looking for something I already have and always have had.

So, my advice to you is this, when you go looking for yourself or some piece you think is missing, don’t look out in the world, look inward, that’s where you will find yourself.

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9 thoughts on “Looking for Yourself

  1. Yes!!!! You are so right!!!! 🙂

  2. Such perfectly beautiful advice. Thank you Katrina.

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  4. Thanks for this advice Katrina 🙂
    Dolly xoxo

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