Royal Purple

Or violet, or lavender, there are many shades of purple. The royal purple, or Tyrian purple (a.k.a purple of the ancients) dates back to 1600 B.C. and was originally made from the mucus from the glands of marine molluscs. Thankfully we have more human and cheaper ways to manufacture one of the most coveted dyes through history.

Purple can be associated with royalty and hippies, flowers and vegetables. However, I think purple is much more unique than even orange. It takes a certain person to be drawn to any shade of purple. I am one of those people (no surprise to many of you, I’m sure). When in high school back in the day, one of my favorite outfits was a two toned lavender body suit, deep, royal purple hip hugger bell bottom jeans (the kind that looked like skirts on your legs) a belt with a belt buckle of the entire zodiac, and clog sandals. I was a traditional hippie flower child, peace, non-violence and love for the world.

Purple is still my favorite color, but now it is for evening gowns, lace blouses, silk sheets, and suede shoes. Purple like so many of the colors we are discussing really has no negative legends or connotations attached. It is most commonly associated with royalty, and free spirits. I’m never surprised when people say they don’t really care for purple and equally surprised when someone says they really like it.

So, I’m interested to know how each of you feels about purple, violet, lavender, or any other shade of this unique color. We have one color left for tomorrow, then on Thursday, I’ll begin telling you about my newest revelation and how it relates to colors.

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4 thoughts on “Royal Purple

  1. Purple suede shoes – the best!

    • Katrina

      Absolutely, and I have my eye on a sweet pair of purple suede ankle boots for this fall, 😉

  2. I love purple or lavander, it’s my favorite and my color. Plus my birthday is February and my birthstone is amethyst.

    • Katrina

      I’ve had to learn to love my birthstone (peridot) but I have a couple pieces I like (now), I have always been attracted to purple, all shades of it.

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