Innocence and Purity

These are the attributes most commonly associated with white.  White is the absence of all color; it is at the edge of the color spectrum and depending on how you view the spectrum it appears the other colors flow away from it.  We dress babies in white for their christenings, or conformations, wedding gowns are usually white, and we usually think of white as being the new, the unstained, the presence  of  purity.

White can match anything, it enhances, it highlights, and reflects back the light. It is the openness, the lack of other colors which leaves room for any and all new to come in, join with and walk beside. It is the blank canvas for the artist to create, the clean slate for fresh starts, and the unsoiled where all is possible.

Today, ends my introduction to colors. A little preview of things to come: our energies have colors, the energy centers are called chakras in many healing modalities. Little wheels of spinning energy which must be open, clear and synchronized for us to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Most chakra teachings associate specific colors to each energy center, however, I think our energy colors are as unique as we are, and we each must find the color(s) which resonates with our different energies.

But, are our energy centers merely wheels of spinning energy…or something more…?

Happy 4th everybody.


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