A New Approach

Ghandi once said “be the change you want to see in the world.”  Good advice, and I’ll be the first to admit there are many things I want to see change in the world and in my life. Or so I thought. This morning, while making the bed, I guess the spirits were talking to me, and I began thinking about the things in my life that I’m always working to change. Then I began to wonder, if I woke up tomorrow and all the things I’m dreaming of for myself, my family and my life were all suddenly true, would I still be making the bed? Would I still be taking care of William, cooking our meals, cleaning the house, etc. Of course I would.

So I was given the idea to make a list of the things in my life and about myself that I do NOT want to change.  The more things I listed, the more things I thought of, and truthfully, I quit because I ran out of time, not because I ran out of things in my life I want to keep the same. Then I gave a little thought to the things I’m trying to change and the surprising thing is, that list is very short. There are many, many more things I want to hold on to and keep the same then there are things I want to change.

So, I’m strongly suggesting that everybody give it a try. Believe me when I tell you, you’re going to be shocked when you see how little in your life you truly want to change.

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15 thoughts on “A New Approach

  1. I like this. Too often people get so used to the idea that change is a good thing they fail to consider what they don’t want to change, …and thus reduce the value of both change and continuity.

  2. Katrina, I loved reading this! I will give it a try. I think for me,it will be more to do with changing my nature or some of my lifelong habits. I think, like you,I may not want to change anything with my life.

  3. What a GREAT idea! 😉 I’m definitely going to do it!

  4. wonderful food for thought . . .

  5. If only I could also beat the smoking and swearing habits. But, hey, you know what they say. You have to pick your battles and for now I think I’ll just try to stay sober for another day….LOL

    • Katrina

      I like the plan, one battle at a time is sufficient, and I see you picked the biggest one to tackle first, hang in there and let me know if you need help.

      • Thank you Katrina….Peace Jaz, I always need help my love

      • Katrina

        You’re welcome, and just remember, everyone needs help, everyone is wounded in some way, and we all need each other, you are never alone

  6. Love it! A different version of keeping a gratitude journal. Brilliant!

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