We all have skeletons in our closet, some of us have more than one closet. Those private places deep in our souls where we hide the secrets we think others would ridicule us for or might cause our friends and loved ones to shun us. We all have something about us or something in our past we feel we must keep hidden and private. Some deed which from our perspective makes us less than human, less than perfect, and worst of all, maybe undeserving of love.

First, let me say the reason we are so embarrassed by the secret(s) is we haven’t forgiven ourselves. We still carry the guilt of the experience harboring it like its too horrifying to allow out into the light. We’ve beaten ourselves up and punished our selves for so long we’ve not only demonized the secret, we’ve demonized ourselves also. The truth is if we took it out, exposed it to the light and were honest about it we would see how truly small and ordinary it really is.

What? our deep dark secret, that horrific deed, experience, skeleton we’ve kept buried for so long is small and ordinary? Yes, and do you know why? Because you are not the first to have this secret. There is nothing you can imagine, nothing you could ever think, do, instigate, premeditate, or accidentally cause or allow to happen that has not already been committed, perpetrated, or accidentally occurred through and/or because of someone else before you. You are not the first to have this secret and you will not be the last.

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10 thoughts on “Skeletons

  1. This is actually very comforting.

  2. So true! Airing of secret need extra ordinary courage I think. First of all,we need to be comfortable about it’s presence in our life,as you rightly say.

  3. Its was so nice to read this, makes me feel better.

  4. Did you ever watch the episode of Friends where Chandler finally discovers what’s in Monica’s closet? It turns out she’s a hoarder. That would be my closet, a locked and hidden hoard of skeletons…..Peace Jaz

    • Katrina

      I come from a long line of hoarders so I see the humor in this, I doubt your skeletons are as scary as you think, I can tell you have a good soul,

  5. very enlightening. great post.

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