Black Velvet

I’m feeling a little nostalgic, and this comforted me some, so pour yourself a drink and enjoy some blues with me.

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14 thoughts on “Black Velvet

  1. Love this song…too bad she was a Canadian one hit wonder.

    • Katrina

      There are so many one hit wonders, I have to ask myself how they can be so talented and then what happens? But I do love that song.

      • I always have wondered too, but being a musician I kind of get it. I know, for myself, if I were given that kind of opportunity I wouldn’t give it up.

  2. Black Velvet – a combination of Guiness and white wine – I’ll pour one, and enjoy the song. Good stuff.

  3. Great song, Cheers!

  4. a friend recommended your website and i’m glad he did because it is very informative and entertaining.

  5. articles doesn’t necessarily need too much words to be good, and yours amazing.

  6. great song, nice video 😉

  7. I think I had a crush on this singer for a whole year.

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