Entering the Dark to Find the Light

Seems like an oxymoron yet that is exactly what I’ve discovered with the new meditation I’m working on. Finding the landscapes of my chakras has also unearthed some programing that never served me yet was still there buried deep in the soil of my spirit.

All healing requires neutralizing or just removing habits, thought patterns and programing not in alinement with our authentic nature and/or may be just plain negative. And while many thought patterns and programing were initially instilled in us to protect us or help us learn proper behavior, most cultures don’t teach how to grow and develop the thought patterns and programing so we can live authentically, and fulfill our Divine purpose. So most of us end up “digging up bones” later in life to heal and fulfill our Divine destinies.

My epiphanies have been earth shattering (pun intended) and have given me a profound revelation. As we are all connected to the web of energy in the Universe, all are part of the Divine and each other. But to be truly enlightened we should not look outside ourselves, but inside. The answers, the truths, the Divine connection and clear vision are all found in the depths of us. By “digging up bones” and either neutralizing or removing thought patterns and programing which are not serving us, we open up and allow the light of the spiritual connection we seek to be fully manifest.

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3 thoughts on “Entering the Dark to Find the Light

  1. Beautiful! Thank you Katrina. Love and Light to you.

  2. I love it. One must go through dark periods as well as periods of spiritual mobility.

  3. How very true and how much more do we appreciate the light once we have traveled through the darkness! What a wonderful spiritual journey.

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