Redrafting Ourselves

In cleaning up the grounds of my internal landscapes, several epiphanies have come to light. We humans (in fact all life forms) are much more complicated than we realize. We are born with the imprint of past generations in our DNA. I look like my father and mother both, but I have my grandparents’ personalities. We are all melting pots of our ancestors. Over time physical bodies, mental/emotional inclinations, and spiritual tendencies morphed into the person we were at birth.

Fast forward and look at childhood friends, neighbors, teachers, even first boss or co-worker. As we grow and mature, every person we interact with has at least a minor effect on us. Also, seemingly innocent events can imprint for a life time. The more we interact with the world the more complicated we become ourselves. Suddenly we are young adults and we are unique individuals and for the most part we are a broad mix of all our experiences.

In reading about manifesting, law of attraction, finding inner peace, unconditional love, mostly what you find is how to change the things that are wrong with you. Many of us even heard this growing up in main stream religious teachings. Then we start digging up bones and unearthing the remnants of ourselves. We realize there is so much old programming, thought patterns, and personality traits which no longer serve us. That society, even the natural world around us is changing at lightening speed and we must also change or find that we don’t seem to belong. Which is just an illusion brought about by our insecurities. We are constantly striving to change ourselves, sometimes, even the good parts.

We look in the mirror, and maybe we like what we see, or we’re working in the garden, and realize we love the birds, flowers, and wildlife and don’t want to give into the modern concrete sterility around us. Yes, we want to make good money, but want to share it to support hungry people, or endangered species. We realize there are many things about ourselves we don’t want to change. We realize we’re not all bad. We have some very good qualities and we want to not only be recognized for those good qualities, we want to be respected for them.  So why are we not at peace with ourselves?

This is a two edged sword. There is old, worn out, programming, thought processes and personality traits we need to either reprogram or remove completely. But in so doing, we need to make sure the new programing, thought processes and feelings we operate from are based in self confidence, self worth and self respect. And here is one of the epiphanies I had recently, self confidence, self worth and self respect are based in unconditional love. Not just for ourselves but for everyone else also.  In developing ourselves internally, the true test of our level of development is the degree we feel for others that we feel for ourselves and the degree we feel for ourselves that we feel for others. You may need to read that last sentence more than once for it to truly resonate for you. We will respect others to the same degree we respect ourselves.

What we feel internally about ourselves is how we view others and the world in general. The feelings we have for ourselves is what we will manifest into our reality. The way we treat ourselves is the way we treat others, and we are manifesting, creating and living our physical, metal/emotional, and spiritual opinions of life.

If you would like some guidance in determining what you want to change and protecting what you want to keep about yourself, email me at

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5 thoughts on “Redrafting Ourselves

  1. I love the interestingness of your posts!

  2. I am getting caught up on my reading, so I am reading your posts in reverse order. I am quite surprised at how your postings seem to parallel what I have been studying. Have you studied shamanism?

  3. Katrina

    Yes, I’ve studied shamanism, my grandfather was very Celtic and taught me some pseudo shamanistic principles, the man I live with (William High Eagle) is Native American, his father is the medicine man for their tribe, William is considered a medicine ‘person’ and because of all this I’m learning to open to my own gifts (William calls it my medicine), I guess its becoming more prominent, I didn’t realize until now that it is coming through in my writings, thanks for reading,

    • Yes, it is coming through in your writings. I am currently studying Sandra Ingerman’s “Medicine for the Earth.” Notice the use of the term “medicine” here, also. She claims that a way to healing the Earth is to heal ourselves first. What I have been reading here has been about healing ourselves also. When two people of different paths with different teachers write about similar things, it suggests that they have tapped into the same Spirit and speaks highly of both people. Of course, you both have your own individual style and techniques. Don’t thank me for reading your blog… the pleasure is mine. Thank you for writing!

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