Unconditional Acceptance

We all wish for someone at sometime to accept us unconditionally.  And we all know it can be hard to accept others faults quirks and irritating habits. After all, there are so many people out there “not like us.”  But what about places. We travel to explore new and interesting places.  We put exotic destinations on our bucket lists. But do we accept the places we visit or move to unconditionally?

There are a plethora of different habitats and environments all across the globe. Each having variances in temperature, humidity, sunshine, clouds, rain, snow and arid dry spells. The soil varies as greatly as the weather and so do the species of plants and trees.  Some places crops will grow with almost no help from the farmers. Other places only a select few plants grow no matter what you do…trust me, I know.

Here in Taos, New Mexico, the locals have a saying about anyone who moves here to live, “the mountain may accept you or the mountain may spit you out.”   In this area there are energy vortexes and the land has its own unique spirits. Many people move here thinking they will be healed (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) and they end up getting worse, or sometimes being driven almost crazy. In these situations, the mountain has spit them out. I’ve seen people become insomniacs, suddenly become afraid of the dark, become afraid of being alone, hear odd sounds at night, and even develop physical illnesses they never had before. The test usually runs the first 18 months to 2 years they are here.

I’ve had problems adjusting to the area, but I sought the assistance of the local spirits in getting over my issues. First, the altitude is not conducive to cooking. We are so high water boils at a lower temperature. Read any recipe or food label and notice the ‘high altitude’ directions stop at about 6500 feet.  We are at 7500-7800 feet. There are no cooking directions for this altitiude.

Secondly, I was born and raised in a mountainous area with rich soil, high humidity (lower altitude), and just about any plant you want will grow at some point during the year.  Where I am now, we have sandy soil, very dry air, but not high temperatures.  We have about 8-10 weeks where the temperatures are above 82 during the day and above 60 at night. The rest of the year the weather is milder with very long cold spells. The mountains often have snow caps from Spetember to the end of May. I’ve had to resign myself to not growing snap dragons, pansies, four o’clocks, or morning glories, the jury is still out on the moonflowers. We can grow roses in large planters but we bring them in during the colder months.

The local spirits of the land have been kind.  There are no streetlights or large buildings around our house so at night the sky is ablaze with more stars than any mathmatician could ever count, we see all phases of the moon and often at night the moonlight is so bright you can see for miles as though it were day time.  After a good rain or snow shower we have multiple rainbows decorating the sky. When I hear sounds at night I can always figure out where its coming from, the local wildlife are all polite, and from time to time I see and hear the spirits when I pay attention. No the mountain hasn’t spit me out or driven me crazy. But I believe it is at least partly because I accept the mountain, the land and all the resident spirits for who and what they are.  They have their own beauty to offer, and their own way of being part of the earth, and I accept that, unconditionally.

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11 thoughts on “Unconditional Acceptance

  1. Beautiful post and what a fascinating place to live.

  2. Beautiful post Katrina
    Acceptance and Unconditional love come from within
    never without xx
    Cat xx

  3. WOW! It sounds so BEAUTIFUL where you live! I had no idea New Mexico was home to such mountainous and energetic places. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. I love Taos and have visited there many times. New Mexico is called the “Land of Enchantment” and you have captured that feeling here.

  5. beautifully expressed katrina, thanks! enjoy those gorgeous vistas 😉

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