Entertaining Unawares

Most spiritual practices teach about entertaining spirits, angels, Deities, and general souls unawares. I have often said we must be careful for we do not know to whom we are being kind (or rude).  Spirits are around us all the time. It doesn’t matter what name you ascribe to them, they are always here. Being ethereal for the most part, many (if not all) can change shape and form to suit their immediate mission.  They communicate with us often.  However, many of us are not paying attention and miss the messages, therefore, the spirits must find creative ways to get their messages across.

These messengers appear in many ways often without us realizing there is a message. The best way to determine if the spirits are speaking to you is pay attention and look for synchronicity and odd behaviors.  Are you often finding feathers, pennies, or flower petals?  Have flowers you didn’t plant appeared in your garden? Have any wildlife shown themselves to you often and even seemed to not be overly fearful of you?  Have babies and toddlers shown unusual interest in you, even seeming to act as if they know you (when you’ve never met them before) or have you noticed a wise understanding expression on their face when they look at you?  Have you found notes, money, or scraps of paper with messages written on them?  Has there been a picture, or quote that you see repeatedly (on the news, internet, magazines, or stores)?  These may be messages for you from the spirits.

Only you can decide what the message is, why its given to you and if you wish to accept it.  Be aware, the spirits are more respectful than most people, they will not force you to accept their message, follow their advice or receive their comfort. Once the message is delivered, it is up to you what you do with it. However, in these changing times and periods of  spiritual evolution and development, I believe it is very important to recognize the signs, messages and help being offered to us all from the spirits.

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3 thoughts on “Entertaining Unawares

  1. it’s a good point you make that spirits will not “force” you to accept their message. this is something I write about that used to freak me out, like, if I miss a sign, I screw up, it’s “my” fault (perhaps one can see how this relates to my history of obsessive fears/rituals and general sense of powerlessness & disconnection)

    • Katrina

      I have a history of OCD (not with food), I’m a neat freak, literally, there was a time when I didn’t allow anything on my kitchen counters, nothing, coffee pot, can opener, etc were screwed under the cabinets and everything else was in a cabinet, nothing was allowed on the dining room table, not even a center piece, – I’m better now, although I still refuse to go to bed if the kitchen isn’t cleaned and the table wiped down and everything put away, and yes, I have control issues, the OCD made me feel I had power over my environment, I understand how you feel,

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