William and I have been away for a few days, I’m slowly getting caught up on my reading here on wordpress, forgive me if I seem to be reading out of order, however, I thought I would share some photos of our trip, perhaps give a glimpse of my more ‘human’ side.

We stayed in a Resort high in the southern mountains of New Mexico and went out everyday exploring,

we met new people

  Roswell UFO Museum

We learned some ancient lore

  Roswell Museum (this has been shown on the TV show Ancient Aliens)

We explored new territory

  White Sands National Monument

Experienced new cultures

Inn of the Mountain Gods

Found peace

  Lake behind Inn of the Mountain Gods

And I spent some time focusing on the most important

  William High Eagle (yes, my William)

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12 thoughts on “Recharging

  1. Looks like you had a great, if not “far out” trip…LOL

    • Katrina

      we had a great time, really great, and we didn’t overflow the hot tub with bubbles this time (yes, we did a few years ago on a previous trip, LMAO),

      • Nice, I wanna play in the bubbles!

      • Katrina

        We had a few bubbles this time, but I swear, the previous time, the bubbles ran over the side, across the floor, and almost hit the carpet in the next room, it took every towel we had to clean it up and then we had to ask for dry towels – i think that’s the hardest we have ever laughed at each other

      • Laughter is good 😀

  2. Yay!!! It seems like you had fun.

  3. sounds like you had a great relaxing time! White Sands is definitely one of my faves…..!! Roswell, NOT. I don’t know why but that place scares me….!

    • Katrina

      Roswell doesn’t scare me, there’s just nothing there except that one museum, and if you drive about 15 miles further south, there’s a lake with a legend around it that its bottomless, that no one has ever been able to find the bottom of it, I did enjoy White Sands,

  4. Nothing to forgive! That does not come into the picture at all. So lovely to hear that you have had a great time. Thank you for bringing back some recharged energy to share with us and glimpses of the beauty you experienced.

    Great to have you back my dear! Now do not change into your speed gear right away… 🙂 (does that not sound like a mother crap trying to teach her kids to walk straight?!!! 🙂

    You inspire me to give myself a break too…. a Retreat would be grand…. hopefully soon.

    • Katrina

      Yes, please honor yourself with a retreat, William and I are humble people, but at least once a year we treat ourselves and we always come back with deep spiritual insights to share with others, and if anyone deserves a rest, it is you.

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