Is Freedom Safe

Each of us has a different definition of freedom. Yet, no matter the individual definition, we all search, work, strive, seek, hunger and thirst for freedom.  Sometimes the bondage we long to be free from is of our own making and sometimes it is not. There is a psychological term “Stockholm Syndrome”, which refers to a condition where a person being held hostage begins to connect with, and in some cases feel true affection for their captor. This is a survival mechanism the mind and heart use to validate the captive situation, making it tolerable.

But what if you are holding your self hostage? What if the situation you long to be free from is of your own making? Often we stay in less than perfect situations simply because they’re familiar to us. I once had a friend in an abusive relationship tell me that she would leave when the pain of staying was greater than the pain of leaving. She knew she didn’t deserve to be where she was, she took responsibility for allowing the situation to evolve, but she could still find familiar comfort in the day to day of her life, enough so, that leaving was too scary, too unsure, too risky.

While her story is a rather extreme example, we all do this to some degree.  We tell ourselves its not that bad, that the prize, glory, or even normal success belong to someone else who is more educated, harder working, or more savvy.  What we’re really telling ourselves is our current situation is familiar. It may not be perfect, but we know the demons of our day to day life.  “Better the devil we know, than the devil we don’t.”

When we allow ourselves to be captive to situations that are against our Divine destiny, we are mistaking familiar for safe. Becoming immersed in the day to day mundane activities of our lives can make safe and familiar feel the same, but they’re not.  Safe is when you are comfortable with yourself. You are in balance with yourself, while operating in  unstable, unpredictable, surroundings and functioning at full capacity without fear of the next moment, hour, day, week, or month. There are very few guarantees or constants in the Universe, so staying balanced with yourself is the only true safe place. When you become your own safety net, your own safe place, then you are truly free.

If you or anyone you know needs guidance or help in escaping from a less than perfect situation or help just finding your own internal balance point, email me at

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15 thoughts on “Is Freedom Safe

  1. Great post, Katrina. And so true about mistaking familiar for safe.

  2. Great Post ……………….K
    Freedom of heart is the safest Place to me 🙂
    Great Read 🙂 xo

  3. Wonderful post Kat!

  4. Awesome! It is like staying in the middle of the wheel of karma. Thank you Katrina.

  5. 10 days ago i left home, my country, my job, everything to escape from an abusive situation. Freedom is nice but so confusing after being controlled for years, for all my life. I feel lost and useless

    • Katrina

      Oh honey, I understand, I left everything 3 years ago but not b/c of abuse, I moved to be with William, yet being in a strange place where you don’t know anyone, it the most challenging experience you’ll ever go through, more challenging than abuse, you are not useless, and you’re not lost either, just on a strange path, Email me at (I won’t charge you), tell me a little more about what you’re going through (what country you’re in etc.), I’ll be your moral support system as much as possible until you feel more comfortable.

  6. Katrina, beautiful article that is giving peace to many, You have a warm heart and a beautiful spirit. We must be kindred spirits! (nikky44 sent me here).

  7. Katrina

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thank you for the beautiful words of encouragement.

  8. witchynis

    Inspiring, and a little inner growl got stirred up with this…good stuff!

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