For the Girls

As many of you know I’ve been using a new meditation technique I developed and you also know I recently came back from a very rejuvenating vacation.

I have  a message for all the ladies out there from the spirits.  In keeping the Universe in balance, take note that 1/2 of all energy, 1/2 of  all vibrations, 1/2 of all intentions, 1/2 of all the spirits are female. Yes, there is an equal amount of  female energy as there is male, there is an equal amount of female vibrations as there are male, there is an equal amount of female intentions as there are male, and 1/2 the spirits in the Universe are female. When the world around you seems to be against you because of your gender, remember this.

Also, in developing the third eye chakra (energy center in the middle of your forehead), once it is fully open, healthy and functioning properly, you can use it to look deep within yourself, see yourself from the inside. This allows you to see anything that may need improving, but also to see your good points, the parts of your personality which are good and help you love yourself more.  And you can project the third eye out of your body and then look back at yourself physically. This allows you to see what others see when they look at you. This is different than a mirror image, when you see yourself from outside with your third eye, its very much like looking at someone else.  Again, you will see your beauty, grace and sensuality.  Yes, you may see the cellulite (but in perspective), you may see your hips, thighs, etc, but in proportion to the rest of your body.  If you really want to change something about yourself physically, that’s fine. But this way your are making a much more educated decision regarding your inside and your outside as a whole, complete, creature of feminine elegance.

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4 thoughts on “For the Girls

  1. Thanks for the reminder about 1/2 of everything in the Universe carrying feminine energy! Great post, Katrina.

  2. Fantastic post Katrina. This one really got me thinking about stepping outside of myself to check out my energy in another way. Love this!

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