Wild or Tame???

Everything in our energetic existence is about balance. There is no up without a down, there is no left without a right, and there is no positive without a negative. In meditating recently, I realized there must be a wild for tame to exist.  So I did what I do best and began analyzing (okay, I was over thinking) and I began to wonder what causes some of us to have wild spirits and some to be very tame at heart. The first place I looked was the dictionary. I didn’t like what I found.

Tame: broken, domestic, gentle, submissive, subdued, pliant, meek, timid, dull, boring, dominated, controlled.

Wild: savage, uncultivated, unbroken, primitive, uncivilized, unruly, violent, without restraint, reckless, fierce.

Neither of these is very appealing on the surface. But then I meditated on it and this is my conclusion. Humans call themselves domesticated, refined, gentle, and eloquent.  Yet humans are the only species on the planet that kills for fun and/or sport; we hoard, allowing our bounty to spoil; we are judgmental; biased; and feel entitled to conquer the planet at the expense of every other life form. (My apologies to the light workers and healers out there who are not like this at all).

Wild animals and plant life: understand the cycle of life;  kill only for food or in the most extreme circumstances when defending themselves or their young; allow other life to co-exist with them showing no prejudice or bias; take only what they need and leave their leftovers for others to enjoy and utilize; and know the planet belongs to all life and respect the co-existence of others.

Then I thought about the Native Americans, the Aborigines, and many other tribes around the world who still respect the old ways, are still living ethically and respectfully in harmony and balance with the planet, and who still connect with the spirits in their day to day lives. These gentle, wise peoples are often referred to as savages, still today.  And, ironically, its the wisdom, teachings, and ‘old ways’ of these people that many of us are looking to today, as we attempt to save the planet, restore harmony and balance between humans and all other life forms, including the earth herself.

As for me and my house, the choice is wild.

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5 thoughts on “Wild or Tame???

  1. MindMindful

    The image of the warrior on her horse — ah! my inner vision of myself, EXACTLY, including the long curly red hair:)

  2. Balance rules!

  3. Great post, Katrina! You’re absolutely right in the points you make – that we all strive for balance, often coming short (or going too far). And I have to agree with you on the correlations you make. Always a fascinating read!! Thank you!

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