May I Help You With Your Bags?

We hear it every time we check in or out of a hotel or resort. Those bellmen, valets, and doormen who live to carry our baggage.  What they’re actually carrying is our stuff; clothes, shoes, toiletries, and anything else we consider a necessity when we travel.  I’m sure many, if not all of them secretly ponder what we could possibly have in all those bags. Especially when women check in with extremely heavy bags or men with bags which seem to contain almost nothing.

When we judge others this is exactly what we’re doing. We are wondering what dirty little secrets are hidden in their bags. We don’t know them, we have no privileged insight into their lives, but based upon appearance, attitude in the moment, or a perceived personality trait, be it good or bad, we’re asking to carry their baggage.

I personally prefer to carry my own bags. I know what’s in them, I know how they’re packed and in what order I may or may not unpack them. If they’re extremely heavy at any point, I either leave behind the unnecessary junk, or I ask for one of those nice valet carts to carry the bags.  I would never ask another traveler if I could have their bags, look at their stuff, or even carry their bags (under normal circumstances). Would you?

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9 thoughts on “May I Help You With Your Bags?

  1. That’s funny because on the rare occasions when I go to a hotel I always take my own alcohol to save money on the minibar – so I never want anyone to carry my bags and hear the clinking noise – ha!

    • Katrina

      Yep, we do that too, although instead of leaving a monetary tip for housekeeping, we leave the left over alcohol for them 🙂

  2. I realize you were being metaphorical as well!

  3. This is a great analogy!

  4. No, I wouldn’t ask others what is in their bags. I am like you and usually carry my own bag to the room. Great post. Thanks for sharing and thank you for recently following my posts on Grandmother Musings. Enjoy the evening. 🙂

  5. LOVE THIS!!!! Such a true message that we all could use reminding of. Do you mind if I reblog?

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