Yes, I know that’s not a proper word, but when it comes to cleaning up your emotional, mental, metaphysical and spiritual selves, ‘proper’ rarely plays into the equation.  We all spring clean, whether its our houses, basements, attics, cars, storage buildings, or emotional-spiritual selves, we all do it to some degree.  Often, when a basement or attic, closet or spare room are too full, we find ways to compartmentalize our ‘stuff’, and we can also do this with our hearts, minds, and spirits, to a small degree. But just like those closets, attics etc., our minds, hearts and spirits can only hold so much and then there’s no room left for anything new.

But usually when we clean out clutter from hearts, minds, spirits, it involves memories, deep, emotional memories. Even painful memories are difficult to let go. They attach us to our roots, our inner selves, and sometimes even our beginnings, and we fear letting go of the emotional attachment to these memories will some how cause us to forget the people involved.

Not so. We are not truly letting go of the memory itself, we are letting go of the emotion, feeling, trauma or unrealistic expectation the memory invokes in us. We are clearing out clutter of old, worn out, no longer useful feelings which no longer fit who we are today.  We are releasing ourselves from the bondage of patterns, behaviors, attitudes and yes, feelings which are only holding us back. The only true healing comes when you let go and stop feeling back in old emotions.

But what if the memory isn’t entirely bad? You may still need to let it go. I know it’s difficult to say you’re going to let go of the emotions, attitudes, behaviors and feelings attached to a good memory. Its also double tough deciding when that time comes.  But as we evolve, grow, mature, and just change through life, we reach stages, ages, and crossroads,  where even great memories have emotions attached, which cause behavior that no longer serve us in the current role we are assuming, the current life we are living and may be holding us back from fully immersing ourselves into the new we are one step away from, or from fully evolving into the person we are destined to be.

Is it time to clean house?

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9 thoughts on “De-Cluttering

  1. Yes – it’s time to clean house – thank you!!!!

  2. Girl – I think you have officially plugged into my brain! It is cracking me up how I keep reading stuff I just said to clients on the same day or the day before. Have you tapped my phone?? ;). Teasing! Love the posts!!!! Joanna

  3. Yes I need to declutter badly! Thanks for the reminder! 😉

    • Katrina

      Let me know if you need any help, I’m a neat freak internally and externally 🙂

  4. It’s SO time to clean house! Great post 🙂

  5. Katrina


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