Flatwoods, West Virginia, September 12, 1952

Nestled between Sutton and Gassaway, West Virginia is a small area called Flatwoods. All three areas are small, but Flatwoods is the smallest and least developed, especially in September 1952.  There’s really little more than wooded rolling hills with a two lane paved road running through the center. This is the heart of the Appalachian mountains, and the population is mostly poor farmers.  The law enforcement for the area is the Braxton County Sheriff Department. But back then the sheriff knew everybody and was related to half the people he served. A quiet community where everybody keeps to themselves but still watches out for their neighbors, that is if the nearest neighbor is close enough to be seen.

Late afternoon on September 12, 1952, this quiet community was rocked to the core by a visitor no one could ever imagine and few would ever forget.  The sheriff received several phone calls that an object fell from the ski on the bank of the Elk River, just south of Gassaway. The reports stated the object appeared to be on fire and the sheriff and many locals assumed a plane had crashed. Meanwhile, in Flatwoods, about five miles to the north west, four boys playing football investigated a glowing object on the hillside.  Here’s what they found:

  A plastic replica of this    The creature was estimated to be as much as ten feet tall and floating several inches, if not feet above the ground. It made no attempt to harm anyone and is believed to have burned up in our atmosphere. Large burn marks were found the next day, but no remains of the life form who crashed on our planet.  Of course, the military showed up (something not mentioned in many of the internet stories about that night) and within days, there was nothing left of the crash site except burn marks, which I’m told lasted for years.

Now, I’m sure  most of you realize I wasn’t born yet, but many of my relatives were alive and well, living in Braxton County, West Virginia.  The then sheriff is actually a cousin of mine, unfortunately he is no longer with us, so I can’t interview him, but his daughter and grandchildren say he didn’t like to talk much about that night.  My great uncle, Ira, woke up during the night and looked out the window, remarking to Aunt Lou, that there was a large, extremely red glowing moon out, he said he had never seen the moon look quite like that before.  What’s even stranger is there was no moon that night. I’ve checked many reputable websites, it was between the last quarter and the new moon, the moon was dark that night.  The boys and a few others who say they encountered the strange glowing creature were sick for several days, one woman even spent time in the hospital in Clarksburg.

I invite you to google the term, “Braxton County, Monster.” You will find literally pages of stories, about that fateful night.

Do I believe in life in other parts of the Universe? Yes. Do I think the government officials know more than they are telling us?  Absolutely, much more.  Do I believe these simple country people really saw what they say they saw?  Yes.

Having grown up hearing the stories and knowing the integrity of the people involved, I’ve written a fictional short story about that night. I will post it tomorrow but for tonight, this is the true story of what happened on September 12, 1952, in the mountains of West Virginia.

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10 thoughts on “Flatwoods, West Virginia, September 12, 1952

  1. Paula

    Simple folk don’t make up complicated tales of strangeness and aliens. I am from Appalachia. I grew up in a little town on the border of MD and WV on the Potomac. I remember growing up in the 70’s and driving on Sundays into the hills and stopping at little roadside stores with my dad. People were simple and uninterested in making life complicated in any way. Can’t wait for your story!!

  2. Wow! Can’t wait for the story! There are so many amazing things out there.

  3. I can’t wait for your story too! This is so interesting.

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  5. Wow! firsthand story and so close to home…. this is more authentic that many of those youtube videos.

    Re-blogged on http://loveandlightportal.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/katrina-flatwoods-west-virginia-september-12-1952/

    Katrina, million thanks for your contribution to Love and Light Portal. Also wanted to let you know that I have inserted a Copyright to your article and also a slight movement to your photos to fit my interface. Hope you don’t mind. Looking forward to the next 🙂

    • Katrina

      Any formatting changes you need to make are fine by me, I understand and am excited to see my post on your blog. Also, if after you read the fictional story you wish to repost it, that’s fine. You have permission to use any of my blog posts.

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