Lessons From the Eagles

Eagles are revered in our home.  Every winter a pair of eagles come and nest in the canyon along the river gorge.  It is a ritual for us to spend at least one morning drinking coffee and watching the eagles travel up and down the gorge.

Eagles mate for life. They are extremely devoted to each other and never travel far without the other. Early in the morning the pair leaves the nest together and searches the gorge for fresh fish.  It is extraordinary to watch them glide gracefully several feet above the water and then just as gracefully swoop down appearing to drag their feet in the water then climb back up with a fish tightly in their grasp. They make it appear effortless.

Often, the male finds a nice spot where he has an open view for many miles in every direction where he roosts while the female wanders farther up the gorge in search of other food.  The male waits patiently never moving until she returns.  He doesn’t wander off checking out the landscape, he doesn’t dive down for food in the water below him. He waits. He waits for his mate and when she returns with food clutched in her talons, they eat together.

The lessons?  First, like all birds (even birds of prey), they are not anxious or worried.  They gracefully glide over the water where they know there is plenty of food. They take their time and take only what they need. They are secure in knowing their needs are met by the Universe. Second, they are secure in their devotion to each other.  The male doesn’t fret or pace or become anxious while waiting for his mate. He waits patiently for her return, knowing she will bring their next meal.  The female, is also secure knowing her mate will be waiting patiently when she returns and then together they return home.

We humans really have no way of knowing the mind and heart of the eagles. But their body language, mannerisms, and habits speak volumes.  They’re calm together, they are working together as a team, they have a routine and depend on each other, the trust and devotion are obvious.  I know how difficult relationships are for humans, but when I watch the eagles, I have to wonder do we make it harder than it really needs to be?


This is the male waiting for his mate                                                                        This is the pair resting together

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12 thoughts on “Lessons From the Eagles

  1. beautiful rendition, deserves a double “like”

  2. I think us humans do make things more complicated than they really need to be 🙂

  3. I think you need a LOVE button on this one! Great pics and love the story of eagles!

  4. How lovely. We don’t see eagles here.

  5. Thank you Kat, for your enlightening observation. I love it! 🙂 Such majestic birds!

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