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Today I’m sharing the story of one of my test subjects of the meditation I’ve developed.  I’m not sharing the person’s name but the story is true.  The meditation is to clear and heal energy blockages in the chakras.  I’ve been working with this person for several months and when I offered the meditation they jumped at the opportunity. This person knew they had some stuck energy in their solar plexus and throat chakras.  There were also some wounds in the heart chakra but these had been mostly resolved. Additionally, they were dealing with some minor physical issues, mostly related to constipation, with headaches, backaches, joint pain and experiencing anxiety which came on mostly at night.

Over the past few weeks while working with the chakra meditation, my client noticed as the healing occurred and the epiphanies came to the surface, they were able to acknowledge and release them without dwelling on them.  As the healing continued, the landscape of their chakras were changing, somtimes almost daily.  Often there was a pattern to the change, but sometimes the changes made no sense to either of us.  Then almost over night their landscapes became more colorful and more alive.  Recently my client has experienced major physical healing.  Suddenly they were no longer constipated, which was a relief  and as this resolved over the course of about thirty-six hours, they stated their abdomen was sore and they were extremely fatigued.  I recommend extra sleep, even naps during the day if possible.

Also, they are sleeping more soundly, they have not had an anxiety attack for two weeks and these had been occurring every night usually multiple times a night.  There have been no headaches for over a week and the back and joint pain are mostly gone.  The fatigue is lingering which is to be expected and they are still sleeping more than usual.

This is an extreme case study.  Not all my test subjects are reporting this level of healing but most have experienced some relief from physical issues which were directly related to energy blockages caused by emotional issues.  I want to caution that not all physical ailments are caused by emotional issues and not all physical ailments can be healed or even relived with emotional or energy healing.  Although I personally believe our emotional thermostat predisposes us to physical maladies.

Being healthy, balanced, and aware of our emotional, mental, and spiritual energies is key to physical health. And taking care of our bodies by eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep every night has a profound impact on our emotions, thought processes and spiritual awareness.

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Energy

  1. How did you get all this amazing knowledge? You are awe-inspiring!

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