Identity is Spiritual

Your education, career, income, house, car, talents, hobbies, or off hours interests are not your identity.  They are reflections of pieces of your identity. But not the authentic, whole you have buried deep in the caves of your soul.  Very few people bring forth their true identity in full force, ever.  Yes, pieces, small parts, glimpses, of the soul granted by the Divine before conception. But not the true whole.

I admit a few down through history have brought out that special treasure.  Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Hitler (although that identity is more negative than positive, it was still his authentic identity).  Perhaps Steve Jobs, Elvis, John Lennon, Princess Diana, Van Gogh, Beethoven (just to name a few) were revealing more of their identities than most, yet, I’m betting even they had more to them than we saw.

Most are fearful of expressing their true identity.  Society (for the most part) has conditioned people to act a certain way, think a certain way, feel a certain way, regardless of whether it resonates with you or not.  Children are conditioned with limitations either for the sake of propriety or safety.  Babies are not born this way.  Watch the wonder, excitement, and joy of babies and small children before the conditioning takes hold. How many times have you thought ‘I wish I still felt that way’ or ‘to be that free and happy’ or even ‘to have that energy and determination.’

Identity is the Divine alive in you. Your full, open, nothing held back connection to the Creator, Divine Consciousness, God, whatever name you use when talking to them.  The you that has no worries, no thoughts of what others think, no concerns for tomorrow, or wonderings of the next hour, meal, paycheck, or clothes you are wearing.  When time stands still and the world has stopped turning. Your identity is the gifts, talents and abilities, the raw, uncensored light which allows you to be fully aware, fully in the moment, and operating fully with passion, joy and total abandon, in unconditional love with yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Identity is Spiritual

  1. Thanks for this wonderful post. It took me years to know who that “I AM” is, but with softness and tenderness with myself, I feel I could merge comfortably within now which I think is truth itself! 🙂

    • Katrina

      It is truth, and I think most of us evolve into this realization, but I also think its something we have to want to achieve.

  2. Thank you. I’ve been working on this, but have a ways to go.

    • Katrina

      Me too, I’m not sure we’re ever really done, at least not in the world

  3. Very thought-provoking – thank you!

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