Sacred Acts

Mother Teresa is known for saying we should perform small acts of kindness with great love. I completely agree. But I think there is far more to it. As I and many others have written, in the end we will not be judged on our house, car, income, wardrobe, career, etc. We will be judged on the condition of our hearts and how this was expressed in our actions towards others.

I recently read a story about an elderly couple at a banquet. The woman was obviously tired and this concerned her husband. He offered to get her some tea and she accepted. The person telling the story described how the husband carefully picked a china cup, poured the tea, added the sugar and some mints, and then carefully carried it to his wife. A small gesture, most people probably didn’t notice, and the few who did, probably didn’t realize the love which went into the small cup of tea. But the wife and the husband knew, this seemingly small gesture was performed with sacred love.

Every act, no matter how small, no matter how seemingly insignificant, when performed from the heart with pure intentions and true love, are sacred acts.

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6 thoughts on “Sacred Acts

  1. Oh so true. And they mean so much to the reciever.

  2. What a perfect illustration of a sacred act – that cup of tea – beautiful!

    • Katrina

      Thank you, it made me rethink all those cups of coffee William and I have poured for each other,

  3. Beautiful story. Thanks for reminding me the little ripples are just as important as the big splashes!

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