Nurture Your Inner Child

When you were very young, what did you pretend to be? A fairy, a cowboy, a princess, a super hero?  We all had our fantasies, but as we matured the fantasies gave way to what appeared to be more practical ideals. Yet, on a lazy afternoon, or deep in our dreams, sometimes we still find the fantasies reaching back to us. We should never ignore these longings, we should embrace them with every fiber of our being. Nurturing the fantasies of the inner child are essential for balanced mental health.

For you fairies (no pun intended) out there, think about what fairies are best known for, they play in gardens, dance in the moonlight, and they like bright, shiny, objects.  How do you embrace this?  Plant a garden. Flowers, vegetables, herbs, whatever warms your heart and makes you smile.  Even some men enjoy gardening.  And for those of you who live in apartment buildings, you can have window boxes and/or house plants. Once the plants are growing, adorn them with garden orbs, wind chimes, flags, you can even decorate little fences with bright metalic paint.  Your inner fairy will be very happy.

For the cowboys out there, if you don’t really live in the country find a horse stable and make arrangements to ride on a regular basis.  If you’ve never ridden before, there are many people willing to teach you and trust me on this, most horses are gentle and patient.  Also, camping is a great way to exercise your inner cowboy.  But don’t go in an RV or trailer, you have to at least sleep in a tent.

The inner princess still knocking on your heart?  Take up fashion designing.  It really doesn’t matter if you’re artisitc, draw the clothing, buy a sewing machine and make a few small things.  Or design hair ornaments, jewelry or scarves and belts. You don’t have to make a living, just something to exercise the longings and let the inner child come out and play.

Superhero more you style. Volunteer to work at a soup kitchen to cook or serve the needy, a nursing home to organize games or just visit with residence who have no regular visitors, or a school maybe reading to the children, or helping with sports, or other extracurricular activities.  You’ll be a real hero to the people you’ll be helping and you’ll feel amazing about yourself.

And finally, with Halloween just around the corner, there is nothing wrong with buying or renting a costume just for one day.  If you’re having trouble connecting with a fantasy, looking at costumes may help you. The costume you’re most drawn to or feel the most comfartable with will tell you alot about your inner child.  Plus, many people still organize costume parties, and if no one you know is throwing a party, then you throw one.  Costumes parties are just as much fun for adults as for kids and are another great way to nuture your inner child.

I’m curious to hear from all of you, what you most long(ed) to be and what costume you would pick for a party.

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14 thoughts on “Nurture Your Inner Child

  1. My costume would be a very simple flowing white dress, thats all. My favourite colour.

    • Katrina

      I can see you dressed in that, you are more honest than some, you nurture your inner child and allow your inner depths to be part of you everyday, which is a sign of mental/emotional/spiritual balance and health.

  2. When I was younger I only wanted to be practical things! The first thing I said I wanted to be when I grew up was a mom, the second was a horse trainer, the third was an editor. All very boring Halloween costumes I’m afraid 😛

    • Katrina

      Use your imagination a little, maybe a costume as a jockey? Or a fifties house wife with the white apron and the over done hair? Could be really fun.

      • A jockey would be a lot of fun – and something I have never thought of! I think this might actually have to be my costume this year? I definitely go for the 50s housewife idea on a more regular basis than Halloween 😉

      • Katrina

        I hear you, and would love to see the jockey costume,

      • 🙂 I’ll definitely keep you posted as October gets closer! I can’t believe we’re so close already!

  3. One way I come in touch with my inner child is through movement. Movement used to be very fun for me as a little girl; I loved moving my body and doing so brought me to enchanted places. Then, movement got very competitive and I even started to hate my body. So, for me, finding the joy again in movement has been a way to come in touch with my inner child. Also, thank you so much for the very kind recommendation on LinkedIn! Have a happy Sunday…I’m off dancing 😉 ❤ Laura

    • Katrina

      Excellent, I love dancing (and you’re very welcome, thank you for the recommendation, I was very touched.)

  4. First I wanted to teach my dolls and my brothers school lessons, and then it turned to wonder woman, and then I ditched that to be an astronaut. lol. Maybe I just need to combine the 3??? 😉

    • Katrina

      There’s a running theme of wanting to make a difference in the world and for other people, and by working with design placement you’re pulling on the magic wonder woman used and defying what appears to be the obvious just like going into space. I think you figured it out. All though you do look a little like Linda Carter 😉

  5. I’m probably not answering your question properly but your post reminded me of how much I wanted to be a boy (when I was little in Canada) and then how much I wanted to be black (when I was a teen in PNew Guinnea). Alas I am still white and female haha!

    • Katrina

      There’s no wrong way to answer any question or scenario I pose to you, this is about your inner child and you’re obviously still in touch with that child, you are still a white woman, (and the white, I can’t help you with lol), but you have a son and perhaps your longings as a child have helped you be a better mom to the boy you gave birth to and maybe you’re a better friend to him.

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