Opposing Forces

Any energy which does not resonate with us is an opposing force.  We label these energies as negative, dark, evil, etc. based on our feelings toward these energies.  Many of them are for lack of a better word ‘negative’ but they are still necessary to keep balance in the Universe.  Positive-negative; light-dark; good-bad; are created by the same Divine to give us perspective for our feelings.  If negative didn’t exist, positive would have no meaning.

Yes, there are very negative forces at work and they are very real.  Every person is created by the same Divine Creator.  But each is created with the ability or privilege to choose right or wrong; good or bad; positive or negative energies to aline with in this and every other life they incarnate into.  We all have a choice every second of our existence which energy we allow to resonate with us.  It activates the karmic cycle, it affects the energy of all those around us, and has great bearing on our future selves.

The hard part is our perception. We may see an action as ‘not that bad’ or ‘probably okay’ and someone else may perceive it as very wrong or really bad.  This is also true when we look at the actions of others.  We may perceive them as rude, hateful, mean, wrong, bad, and they may have no idea how they are being perceived by others.  Or, sadly, they may just not care.  How they view themselves is not our concern.  Our only concern is how we perceive our own actions and what energies we allow ourselves to resonate with or which we allow to resonate with us. Period. Anything else is judgmental and pulls us into a karmic vice which will be even harder to resolve than our own karmic issues.

I’m not advocating accepting situations where there is horrendous abuse, torture, or even murder.  These are separate issues which have entered a realm of opposition where they have severed their connection to the Divine which created them. There are many degrees of love and light which are still connected to the Divine and which can be healed and raised vibrationally by light and love from us and the Divine.  True evil is a disconnect from the Divine, and really doesn’t want to be healed (Although I want to point out that we are still connected to the Source, the Divine vibrationally and the evil still affects us, but this issue is best left for a blog of its own).

Being created with a choice of the energies we allow to resonate with us and which we emit is a great privilege and we should treat it as such.  The temperature and vibrational frequency of the energy we send out is determing the condition of our world and will determine when, how and even if, our world heals.


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2 thoughts on “Opposing Forces

  1. I always try to steer clear of things like “positive” and “negative”… “light” and “dark”… too many connotations LOL I try to think of them as two sides to the same coin 🙂

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