Today’s post is short, just a thought I had while pondering life.

I bet almost everyone of you has either had an x-ray or know someone who has.  They reveal your insides; they show the sick, broken places and give the healer an idea of how to treat you so you heal and to prescribe something for the pain and discomfort.

What if we could x-ray the sick broken places of the heart, mind, soul and spirit?  Yes some healers can see in there and suggest ways to heal you.  But what if we all could see the x-rays of another’s broken spirit?  Or even the scars left from old wounds long healed but still a scar where once there was an open place.  Would we be so quick to judge?  Would we be less impatient?  Would we maybe be more understanding and compassionate? If there were a way to see the sick broken places in others’ hearts, minds, souls and spirits, would that change how we treat each other?

Just a thought.

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16 thoughts on “X-Rays

  1. Are you ok? I got a sad feeling when I read this so I wanted to check on you. Hope you are okay sweet girl.

    • Katrina

      I’m good, rather pensive lately, but good, thanks for checking on me, love and blessings

  2. It is a great thought.

  3. I hope it would have some affect on how others understand suffering. Suffering is a whole body experience. Suffering consumes us until we speak about it. If there were a camera or x-ray photo to show people without having to say a word, it would definitely help to ease the suffering sooner. I visited the Holocaust Museum in DC last year. I will never get the image of all of the piles and piles of shoes representing the people who were extinguished in the gas chambers out of my head. We, as a race of humans, swore to never allow such a tragedy to ever happen again. But it’s happening all around us. Everyday people are being abused and tormented and made to feel like they are worthless and no good. Every day people are bullied and hurt and no one seems to care. We turn a blind eye. We thank God it’s not us. Some even think God chooses those who should suffer. If there were a camera to take photos of all of the suffering and pain and wounds, the piles and stacks of those images would be even greater than the piles of shoes that can’t escape my mind. Peace.

    • Katrina

      I’m right there with you, I remember watching Schindler’s List, toward the end when he was crying and saying he shouldn’t have kept the car, I cried harder than he did, and yes, we are still not working to end suffering, violence, and everyday thoughtlessness. The world would change if there were ways to see the emotional mental spiritual wounds, thanks for the comments.

  4. Insightful! You have a beautiful mind and heart. Keep shining.

  5. Such a good point you make and even if we don’t have that x ray vision we could always have an open heart and be aware of another. Hope you’re well ?

    • Katrina

      Thanks for the comment, I agree the start is having an open heart, and yes, I’m well, just rather pensive lately.

  6. I think many people do have this ability. Society has trained us to believe it’s crazy to think you do, though.

    • Katrina

      I think you’re right, the fear of being thought crazy keeps most from exercising their gifts, and the ones who do, keep quiet about it, I’m lucky my loved ones believe in me.

  7. So very true. I too felt sadness in this post. I’m sending you love and light thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a great evening.

  8. JK

    OR –
    What if we could look into another and see them in their perfection ?

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