We all keep things we don’t need. Many of us use the excuse that we ‘collect’ things. Often these are things that bring us joy, comfort or even just remind us of a time, place or person that made us happy.  I’ve written before about cleansing ourselves of old, worn out thought processes and behaviors that no longer serve us because we have healed from the need for these processes and behaviors.  But often there is a deeper issue.

Somtimes we are carrying thought processes and behaviors we aren’t even aware of. Thoughts, feelings and behaviors which aren’t attached to any wound and were never part of our self preservation mechanics.  These processes and behaviors are so benign we often don’t even realize we have them.  Which sometimes this is okay.  I’m not overly concerned about the fact that when I’m feeling meloncholy I eat french toast, or that pumpkin pie makes me smile on those crisp fall days.  But while working through some things I had some old feelings surface which I didn’t realize I had.  For me this was about a time in my life when I was associated with people in a certain profession (no worries, it was a legitimate profession).  I hung out with them and even identified with them to a certain degree even though I didn’t actually work with them.  In allowing these memories to surface, I realized how truly bored I was back then.  These people were kind to me and we did have fun together, but my life was very boring then.

When I examined how much I’ve changed, I found that while I’m no longer friends with these people, I still had some of those feelings from when I hung out with them.  But now in comparing my life today with my life thirty years ago, it hit home that those years were only stepping stones to now.  There were no wounds, no drama, fears or worries back then, so the feelings were quite harmless.  Yet, when I let them go, released them back to Source to be neutralized, I felt much lighter, and like I had made room for other, better, emotions.

We are such complicated creatures and we have so many layers of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors even releasing the smallest twinge will make room for better, healthier, and happier.

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8 thoughts on “Hoarding

  1. I’m going through this right now. I am dealing with letting go of anger and purging myself of some of the sources and triggers which include books, old cards, photos, letters, ticket stubs, and so many other “things.” Bit I can’t throw away or donate my memories. I can’t purge those. All I can do is choose to react differently when a memory of something triggers my emotions. More often than not, the emotion that has been triggered is anger. I love life. But I have memories that make me angry and hurt myself spiritually and sometimes physically. Today I told myself I don’t want to be angry any more when these memories surface. I want to be able to say, “Yes, Paula, that never should have happened to you (or my son), but you can’t change the past and getting angry just makes matters worse. Let it go. Choose happiness and your true nature, which is not angry.” We’ll see what happens moving forward. 🙂

    • Katrina

      Paula, you’ll be fine, angry is just one of the stages, you’ll know you’re really over it when a twinge of emotion pops up out of no where and you automatically tell yourself “hey, I thought this was over” and you dismiss the feeling immediately the same as you would brush lint from your clothes, it takes time, but you will get there.

      • I think yesterday was that point. I really do. I started reading a book that speaks of chiseling away the things that keep us from finding our true selves. I’m chiseling away at the anger and using it for something better like helping people. I already started writing a proposal for a grant to develop workshops that help women recover from domestic violence/intimate partner abuse. It’s a start. I’ll see where it takes me. Thanks, Katrina.

      • Katrina

        That sounds amazing, very glad to hear this, and thank you for reading

  2. This makes so much sense! Since resigning from my job at the university I have realized which of my friends there were real friends and which ones to cull. It has been an interesting process!

    • Katrina

      Yes, the process is interesting if you let it be, and letting people (or memories) go is never easy, thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I go through an annual anal clean and discard process. I never know what will survive the purge when I begin but it’s always eye opening.

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