The Last Curtain Call

We are all involved in the healing process in some way.  As a healer we know we can’t heal or even comfort others unless and until we heal ourselves.  And for you non-healers, wounded healers are the most effective, because of our wounds.  We are more sensitive to the effects of the wounds and we’re stronger in the broken places.  Plus, everyone is wounded in some way.  If they tell you they’re not, they’re not being honest with you or themselves. Spiritual wounds are the worst.  Their true cause may be buried so deep its hard to know where to start digging and you often feel as though there’s no bottom to the darkness you’re digging in.

This all sounds bleak and hopeless, and we all have our moments when it seems there is no end, that we’re trapped in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.  That for every wound we unearth and release there are ten more breeding in the rubble left behind.  But, there is always a morning after.  There is even moonlight in the night to help you find your way.  There is a point when the healing is complete and while there may be scars, the trauma is over.

How will you know the last wound is healed, that there are no more seeping wounds just below the surface waiting to rupture, and that even the scars are fading and becoming less ugly?  When you realize you’re no longer focused on your own healing and find yourself really caring what wounds the person(s) who hurt you suffer. This is not something you can make yourself do. If you try, you might get as far as musing about it, but you won’t really care.  Final healing is true enlightenment.  I’m not saying everyone who reaches enlightenment becomes another Buddah or Ghandi or Mother Teresa, your life may not change that much other than how you feel about yourself and other people, and how you relate to the Universe around you.  Yet there is a freedom, a lightness, an easiness to life once you reach that stage of know ing you’re beyond your own wounds.  This is when you begin to care that others are as wounded, scared and probably as disabled as you once were.

The final act of the drama is when our wounds are healed, we are free from the suffering, we truly care that others are suffering, and we comprehend enlightenment is when we have forgiven yet know how to protect ourselves from future wounds and drama. Yes, understanding how to prevent future wounds is part of enlightenment. We can care about the brutality and darkness in the world around us, however, true enlightenment changes how we react to and protect ourselves from these opposing forces.  For what good would all the work we put into healing be if we only go out tomorrow and allow it to happen all over again?

This is the cliff hanger, Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend.

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13 thoughts on “The Last Curtain Call

  1. What you wrote about here is where I am at the moment… Thank you Katrina for a wonderful post once again.

  2. I’m here, too. Life is a big test sometimes. I hope to pass it. No more drama, no more hurt, no more suffering. 🙂

  3. I really appreciate all of your wisdom so much, Katrina – thank you!

  4. “For what good would all the work we put into healing be if we only go out tomorrow and allow it to happen all over again?”

    This was definitely the hardest part of the process for me! But it’s so very very important. Thank you so much for all of your wise posts and words.

  5. You are right. I do think that many of us are coming to a point where we decide that our focus is no longer going to be on our own healing – on this longstanding obsession with fixing ourselves. In my own case I find that I have pretty much lost interest in my wounds and broken places. Which is not to say that I can’t be bothered to try to do better, but just that perhaps I am healed enough now to be able to accept my scars and imperfections with neutrality and even amusement. And how wonderful it is instead to realize that my attention and awareness can be on joy, gratitude, and freedom.

    • Katrina

      You are healed, (healed doesn’t mean no scars or memories of the wounds) it just means you’re neutral or even using them to your benefit. When you use them to your benefit, you’re recognizing that you’re stronger in the broken places and you use your strength in positive ways.

  6. fabulous post, am hanging on that cliff 😉 thanks katrina

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