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There are so many forms of sacrifice; so many ways to commit acts of sacrifice.  I truly believe there is no such thing as ‘having it all.’  Everything has at least some form of condition attached, if not an out right price.  Some times we are consciously aware of giving up one thing to have another.  We know we are sacrificing to gain.

But what about the times we don’t fully think things through or are not thinking at all about the consequences, only feeling the passion of the moment?  There have been people whose destiny was to live only in the passion of the moment, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Gandhi, Mohammed, Martin Luther King, just to name a few.  But the destiny for most of us is less dramatic, less intense, yet a destiny none the less.  To fully live into our destiny we must dig up bones, heal wounds from beyond long ago, recognize and embrace our authentic self.  But doing this comes with at least a condition attached, if not an out right price.

For example,  I’m the mother of mothers.  I have the art of ‘mothering’ down to a science. I over mother everyone.  My daughter used to call me ‘mother earth’.  For many years I felt the yearnings, the tugs, the screams and silent suffering of my soul not living its true destiny.  I ignored all the calls because I was so busy being a mom and then a grandmom.  There was nothing wrong with my life, I was (still am to a degree) a great mom and grandmom.  But I wasn’t living my destiny, I wasn’t paying attention to my soul or listening to my spirit. Plus, in my obsession over being mom and grandmom, I was stunting my daughter’s and grandson’s maturity, development and spiritual growth.  I was right there ignoring my own needs while fulfilling theirs.  Needs I should have been letting them acquire on their own.  I was sacrificing my destiny while depriving them of theirs’.

Many of you are probably doing something very similar.  Maybe you’re sacrificing your destiny for a career, or hobby, or other goal.  Maybe you think the monetary price is too high, or the physical exertion will be too great.  Possibly you’re afraid of the bones you’ll unearth or the wounds you’ll have to heal if you face your spiritual destiny.  But is the sacrifice worth the price you’re paying right now?  This is a question you have to answer on your own.  Yet, speaking from experience, to find true peace with yourself and contentment with your destiny, my advice is to weigh the cost you’re paying now against the cost of fulfilment over the cost of never reaching your destiny and knowing you answered the call of your spirit.  You may find the conditions are not as steep, nor the road as long as they appear.  But you won’t know until you start the journey.

For help charting the path of your spiritual destiny:

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Circle of Life

Autumn, indian summer, fall, there are many names for this time of year. Early settlers and their European ancestors celebrated this time of year as a harvest of the crops they had worked so hard on all summer. As the food was harvested for the winter, the remaining parts of the plants appeared to die, then the soil was turned and allowed to take a long winter’s nap.  The days became shorter, the nights longer and colder. Death seemed imminent.

Life is constantly flowing and moving.  It never truly stands still.  It may move faster or slower at different times in the cycle, but it never really stops.  For Druids autumn is a time of celebration of the stages of life (of course all seasons are a celebration of life in one form or another). They know a secret . . . death is an illusion.  Not an ending, not a finality as it sometimes appears.  It’s just a changing of form and rhythm of the life force.

Plants turn brown and become crisp, leaves on the trees change color and often fall to the ground leaving the trees barren and brown.  Flowers lose their blooms, birds and bees which pollinate the plants hibernate – taking their own long winter’s nap.  They are not dead, they are resting. They are allowing the life cycle to slow and take a break from the activity of spring and summer.

Bears, prairie dogs, skunks, just to name a few have their babies while hibernating.  Hidden from all other eyes they are still very much alive recreating life.  Sunflower seeds fall in autumn, lie dormant and then in late spring and mid summer burst forth with recreated life.

So right about now, some of you are saying that while this is all true, we are not bears or sunflowers.  No we’re not.  But we come from the same life force as the bears and the sunflowers and every other life form.  These physical bodies are just vehicles we use while in this life form.  We have over eons upon eons conditioned ourselves to over identify with the body we’re given and when it wears out we are conditioned to believe its the end of us.  Or at the very least, that our spirits have moved on to some far away land never to be seen or heard from again.  This is only true because you believe it to be.  If you could reprogram your heart and mind, listen to your spirit, you’d realize the spirit world is not far away, it’s right here, all the time.  It’s merely a different form of the life force, a different curve of the circle of life.

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I Just Want to Dance With You

Okay, I have no idea why, but this song has been stuck in my head for 2 days.  I’m not a big fan of country music, but this is a nice song. So enjoy!  Happy Hump Day


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Do Unto Who?

Many religions and spiritual practices teach we are to treat others the way we wish to be treated.  It is the very foundation for Law of Attraction.

Most of us have some form of routine wherein we pray, meditate and in general at least try to connect with the spirits and even the Great Spirit, God, Universal Consciousness, angels, and our own personal spirits.

There are principles of self-healing which advise us to keep gratitude journals, look for things to be grateful for everyday, even the smallest things, a cup of hot coffee, green lights all the way to work, a beautiful flower in an unexpected place or the smile of child.

Where am I going with all this?  We work, belief, self-heal, meditate, pray, and a plethora of other things trying to improve the world, our life, the lives of others; some days we may see some progress, but many days we don’t. When we sit and give them our laundry lists of things we want to be different, then all we have is our list.  That is what we focus on and it’s what we’re telling the spirits to focus on.  It’s the energy we’re using to connect with the spirits, even the Divine.

How would our lives change, how would our relationships with others and the world in general change, how would our relationship with the Divine change if we used different energy to connect and commune with the Divine? What would happen if we shifted our focus to all the things we have been given, all the positives, all the beauty?  What if when we connect with the Divine we appreciate our coffee, rainbows, sunflowers, warm sweater, funny child; what if this is all we focus on when communing with the spirits?  I wonder what we’ll get back?

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Don’t Take Life Too Serious

Humor is not just a human emotion, if you really pay attention and take notice animals, plants, even the weather at times have a thread of humor in them.  I’ve seen animals smile and they often respond to our laughter.  Flowers dance in the wind and the weather’s moods change daily.  There is humor all around, because God (Great Spirit, Goddess, Universal Consciousness) has an amazing sense of humor.  Don’t believe me, sit in your local mall or shopping center and just watch the people who walk by you.

We are multi dimensional creatures, created with a plethora of layers to our mental/emotional/spiritual being.  Finding the humor in everyday events is one of the easiest ways to connect with spirit.  So I decided to share a few of my favorite pictures which warm my heart and make me smile.

I love being a woman and sometimes its fun to play that card.

 Being spiritual doesn’t make you perfect, it just teaches you to forgive yourself quicker.

  I’m good to go, people already think this about me.

  No I wasn’t lucky enough to be there, but I’m going to be rockin on even after I cross over.  “If there’s a Rock n Roll Heaven, you know they’ve Got a Hell of a Band.”

What’s humorous about this? I got chills when I realized Edgar Allan Poe said it.  Poe, of all people?  Very cool.

 It doesn’t matter how many times I look at this, it makes me smile from my face all the way down to me toes, outside and inside.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Find something to make you laugh today!

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Ascension, Higher Vibrations, and Metaphysical Evolution

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or opinion of psychics, empaths, or energy healers, I think we all can agree that society, people in general, the earth, even the Universe is changing, expanding, and evolving at a more rapid pace than possibly ever before in the history of mankind on earth.  Television, radio, books, magazines, newspapers, the internet are all a buzz with theories, stories and revelations concerning the changes.  People are ascending, raising their personal vibrations, developing new metaphysical abilities and preparing for whatever may happen in the next few weeks.  And yes, it is only weeks now until a cosmic event occurs which, if nothing else, is a historical event we all are honored to witness.  But I suspect its something more.

For you scientists reading this, from a practical point of view, our bodies are over 75% liquid, the gravitational pull of the moon as she rolls through her phases every month have a notable impact on us physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.  When our seasons change we each deal with it differently but still we feel the change.  So polar shifts have an impact on us whether or not we choose to acknowledge them.  As the other planets in our solar system move they also have an effect on earth’s gravity which affects us on pretty much the same level as the moon.  As they are moving into this rare alignment we must be feeling the power on every level of our being.

For you more enlightened souls, simultaneously with the events in our solar system, we as life forms are changing, evolving and transforming.  Our latent abilities are surfacing as our vibrations rise and we find ourselves operating in the world in new, exciting and for some of you frightening ways.  You may now see things in a new way or possibly see things you could not see before.  Or maybe you’re hearing or just sensing energies previously hidden from you.  Regardless of how you are experiencing the change, it is real, you are not crazy, and if used morally and ethically, the new abilities will help you adjust as life continues to evolve.

My dear friend at Love and Light Portal pointed out to me that possibly the physical challenges I’ve been going through recently are a result of these very changes.  I am an empath and quite often pick up random thoughts and feelings from others.  But unbeknownst to her when she suggested this, I have recently developed the ability to see auras around plants, trees, flowers, even the ground.  While this is exciting, I’ve also discovered certain colors don’t resonate with me at all.  Which may explain the dizziness, nausea, weakness,  watering of my eyes and nose, hoarseness and inability to sleep.  I can feel my own personal vibration rising.  Some days it feels a little like anxiety, other days like an almost euphoric excitement, other times a deep sense of gratitude and love for everything in existence.  I am more sensitive to energy all around me (including people) and by sensitive, I mean I care more about the life force from which everything came on a new and conscious level.

My advice is to take better care of your physical bodies.  Until we ascend to a level where we no longer need our bodies, we need them and ascension will be easier if we’re not distracted by a weak body which isn’t operating at peak performance.  Also, as you sense the changes heralding your transformation, don’t fear it and don’t think or let anyone else tell you you’re crazy or its your imagination.  It’s all very real.

Finally, connect with others who are experiencing these same changes.  The collective energy of those of us who welcome and cooperate with these changes will help others less enthusiastic about their transformation.  Living beings have always been dependent on each other, this includes animals, plants, the earth, and humans.  The transformations taking place are merely a change in how we depend on each other.  Compassion, understanding, patience and love are more important than ever.

Have a great weekend.

Blessings, Katrina

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Totally Out of It

Okay, you will rarely hear me say this, – I’m sick, (so is William – but he handles sick differently). 100% bona-fide, down and out sick.  But the really twisted thing about me is when I get like this, my sense of humor swings wide left and becomes a mutant from a bad movie.  I planned to post a short, to the point post and go on with my day but while searching for one of the pictures I needed my mutant sense of humor took over.  I once wrote a short story called “Those Things on The Beach”  its part of a collection of short stories (you may check it out on Amazon, “Lurking Legends”, $3.99, Kindle only at this time), anyway, I find the picture I think I want but continue browsing, then can’t find the one I wanted.  I find myself calling it “those things on the beach”  which sent my brain left of center and I started thinking how sometimes all those mushy, pseudo-romantic, never happen in real life scenarios make me want to gag, which in my feverish state isn’t difficult. Yes, I know I’m rambling.  I’m really a romantic deep down although I keep it safe under lock and key until the occasion calls for it.  And truthfully there really is no point to this post other than even the most spiritually minded, balanced gurus sometimes get thrown a curve ball and we get sick.  My philosophy is that even in our most enlighted state, there remains a thread of our human nature, although I’m really hoping that once out of this physical body the nuisances of illness will be a thing of the past.  And, for the record, I think it’s extremely spiritual to see the humor in life, even the less than perfect scenarios (like being sick).  Humor is not just a human emotions but one shared by all life, but I’ll save that for another post.  Happy Thursday.

This is Romance:

This is Love:

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Balancing Act

This seems to be the mantra of the current generation.  We try to balance responsibility with rest, emotional with physical, and now we’re learning we need to balance our spiritual selves too?  The world is a busy place, as individuals we are even busier when it comes to our responsibilities.  So how exactly are we to throw spiritual into the mix and still stay balanced?

For starters, everything we do, from washing the car, to feeding the dog, to attending our kids soccer game, to preparing meals, it’s all spiritual.  The energy we create performing these tasks have usually positive ramifications in the energy field of Spirit.  What seem like chores are actually us being of service either to others or ourselves.  Of, course there’s a lot riding on our attitude while we’re feeding the dog or cooking, but since we are doing these things out of care and love for those close to us, our energy is felt by Spirit.

Another thing we need to be aware of consciously, is the difference between working on ourselves and working on our relationship with Spirit.  It really doesn’t matter what we believe ‘Spirit’ is, this applies to every concept from Universal Consciousness to a kindly old man with white hair and beard.  When we meditate, perform yoga, allow special rest for our hearts and minds, and eat comfort food; these are all acts of working on ourselves spiritually.  The meditation and yoga are especially important, because these are vitally important when connecting with our hearts, inner child, higher self, and deep-rooted issues. When we spend time in nature, or sit quietly by ourself and listen for the subtle energy vibrations, or concentrate and become fully aware of the intricacies of flowers, or appreciate the full energy of life in the wildlife we encounter, or even just staring at a starry ski and moon and being truly thankful for the magic and wonder of it all; this is building your relationship with Spirit.

If you have questions or are feeling lost or alone in your spiritual quest, contact me at

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The Rest of the Story Part 2

I’m sure many of you are wondering what to do if I’ve suggested that the lesson is to just accept life the way it is because it’s not your fault.  Well, just because it’s not your fault, doesn’t mean you can’t change at least part of it.  The first thing I want you to really absorb is that you cannot control or change other people.  Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who are just naturally rude, condescending, and sometimes outright mean.  Be polite and kind, or at least tolerant of them, not because of how they are acting but because of who you are.  Also, try not to spend too much time with them (I’m not talking about your teenagers 🙂 you’re stuck with them) because over the long haul their negativity can and will attach to you.

Second, if they are someone close to you, for example, a boss or co-worker.  Plan your days so you spend a minimum amount of time in direct contact with them.  I once had a friend who worked in an office by herself.  There was no one there except her and the woman she worked for.  They hated each other.  She finally had to find another job.  This may not be a feasible answer for you but don’t completely dismiss the idea.  Always leave at least a backdoor open and have a resume cleaned up in case you need to make a fast exit.

Next, maybe the challenges you’re facing are less personality related and more income related or even a more personal situation such as illness or grief. As you know, the Law of Attraction is a tricky thing.  It works, but only when you’re seducing it.  Yes, I said to seduce the law of attraction.  How?

Make a list of every little detail of how your life will be different when you have your greatest desire, when you’ve reached your goal or found your divine destiny.  Be as specific as possible, don’t rush the process either.  Make the list, leave it for an hour, a day or even a week, then revisit it. Add or take out things and allow the list to always be a work in progress, because as your situation changes, so will you.  Find the little things, for example, maybe you believe you’ll smile more, or you’ll change your diet, exercise routine, or basic daily routine.  Maybe you believe you’ll feel and/or act differently toward your spouse, children, or neighbor.  Do these things now.  This is the seduction part for law of attraction.  If you believe you’ll smile more once that debt is paid, or you finally find that job, or that neighbor sells their house; start smiling now, today, this minute.  Even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyway, a fake smile is better than no smile at all.  Plus, smiling and appearing happy is very irritating to nasty, rude people.  They really don’t know how to respond to you.  If you think you’ll finally feel like exercising (or have extra time to exercise) start doing it now.  Even if all you do is walk around the block, or dance to one song, or do one yoga pose; do it now.

Finally, maybe there was no lesson, life just threw you a curve ball because you were the only one paying attention to the game.  It happens to all of us.  Crap happens, period.  And while you’re seducing the law of attraction, your life may or may not change overnight.  But you will.  You will be changing your personal energy, which changes the energy in your direct space, which changes the energy around the people you interact with and so it goes throughout the universe.  The little improvements add up to the bigger changes.  Some come quickly, some don’t.

And, the last thing I want you to understand about the law of attraction and life in general, neither of them respond at all when you’re blaming yourself.  When you’re allowing guilt and remorse to cloud your days and keep you from appreciating and enjoying the blessings surrounding you all the time.  If you truly made a mistake, apologize, make amends as best you can (don’t own the other person’s reaction to your apology-only your intentions behind it), make yourself learn from your mistakes (if you really made one).  Realize that maybe there is no lesson, life isn’t perfect and it won’t be no matter what does or doesn’t change.  Now go forward living as the person you want to be when you finally have the life you ordered.

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The Hardest Lesson

When you find yourself in a perpetual cycle of the same things over and over again, things you wish were different, situations you struggle with and work to change yet nothing changes, you start to ask yourself why?  All the yogis, gurus and healers will tell you that there’s some lesson you’re not getting, something the Universe wants you to learn before you can move on.  So you start to analyze every little detail, you change your attitude, your approach to other people, your approach to life in general, you set out to heal your karma, you even change your hairstyle and wardrobe, yet the situation stays the same.  You become frustrated, hurt, and begin to feel slightly victimized because you just can’t figure out what you’re missing in this turmoil that never seems to give you a break.

Because, the lesson you are not getting is . . . there is no lesson.  Sometimes life isn’t fair, isn’t easy, and sometimes, just plain hurts.  You didn’t do anything wrong, in fact you may have done your very best.  In another life in a parallel universe you would be a star.  So, stop beating yourself up, stop looking in every nook for something to clean, and stop struggling to learn some cosmic lesson.  There are no perfect people, no perfect situations, this isn’t a perfect world.

I am very behind in my reading of the blogs I follow, I apologize, I will get to you all very soon.  But a good friend recommended I take a few days off to recharge and reevaluate me.  So, everyone have a great weekend and I’ll be back good as new next week.

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