The Rest of the Story

I miss Paul Harvey. He always told such interesting stories and gave the facts behind the well known parts of history.  Well, I’m bringing you the “rest of the story” from the Final Curtain Call.

So, you wake up one morning and realize, for the most part, as much as possible while still residing in your earthly vessel, you are enlightened.  Those people around you, the ones you work with, live with, socialize with, and just cross paths with regularly?  Not so much. And even if some of them are enlightened (say for instance, your spouse or significant other), you are still two completely different (not separate- this is another post), people. So, how do you protect your enlightened state?

First, you continue with your daily practices that brought you to this place.  You meditate, exercise, conduct your spiritual rituals, commune with nature (especially your totems), you rest your soul and spirit  and when necessary, you distance yourself from anything or anyone who is trying to pull you back down to their level.  Enlightenment is a journey, not a destination.  It requires daily work to maintain and yes, as you continue on this journey, you do attain higher, deeper, more intense levels of enlightenment.

Next, during your journey to this place, you had epiphanies of things which you should change about yourself.  As an example, I realized I need to exercise my physical body more.  There is an intricate relationship between your mental/emotional/spiritual health and your physical health, I have not keep mine at an optimum level.  Or maybe your epiphany was to eat healthier, or rest more, or give up something (cigarettes, alcohol, sweets), etc.  Your complete attainment to enlightment is not contingent upon these changes, but by making these changes your are strengthening your aura, thereby protecting  your metaphysical state.

Third, choose your battles carefully.  Not every opposing action, thought, idea, opinion, or feeling is meant as a call to war.  Sometimes, as William is so infamous for saying, “it is, what it is”.  Another good example, I heard a story once about a couple who were married for sixty years.  From the day they married, the wife complained that her husbnd snored.  This was a life long issue between them (although apparently, they came to some type of compromise since they stayed married).  One day, not long after the husband passed away, a friend ask the widow how she was doing without her husband. Her reply was, “I’m okay during the day, but I can’t sleep at night. . . it’s too quiet.”  Part of enlightenment is accepting others unconditionally.  For the most part, their idiosyncrasies are more about us then it is about them.  Remembering this when we’re tempted to allow impatience or irritation to seep in will go a long way toward maintaining our enlighted state.

Next, protect your energetic aura.  Yes, I know for some of you this sounds ‘kooky”, or “weird”, but it has been proven scientifically that we emit energy vibrations and these vibrations affect everyone and everything around us.  Energy vibrations are responsible for why we are drawn to certain colors, patterns, music, smells, tastes, and why certain people either makes us happy or __________, you fill in the blank.  There are numerous ways to strengthen your aura and if I receive any requests I’ll write some posts about these, or, you may email me and I’ll go over these with you privately.

Finally, envelope yourself and your loved ones with light energy (I’ve done this with my daughter and grandson).  Basically, as you meditate, envision a ball of light encasing and surrounding you.  The light may be any color which resonates with you or the person you’re protecting.  This ball of light stays with you, never leaves you, and can’t be penetrated by any opposing energy unless you permit it.  This can also be done when someone is grieving or going through some other traumatic situation.

Remember through all of this, enlightenment takes the same amount of work to maintain as it did to reach. There will continue to be good and challenging days.  But, with your enlightened mind you are better able to deal with the challenges of this world and appreciate and be much more grateful for the beauty, grace and love which surrounds you every day.

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11 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story

  1. Excellent post, Katrina. I love your advice here.


  2. Katrina

    Thank you.

  3. This is some really good advice. I am really working on learning how to protect my energetic aura at the moment 🙂

  4. Katrina

    If you would like some pointers, let me know

  5. I have decided I want to print your posts out so I can refer to them when I get out of the rut I am in now – is that okay with you? I just can’t absorb it all now.

  6. Katrina

    Of course, dear, please do.

  7. Wow. I needed to hear/read this more than you know. Just WOW.

    I’ve been “bubbling up” (as I call it) with light energy for quite some time and I do this at night, before falling asleep for my daughter, as well but would love to know more about strengthening auras.

    Just a fantastic blog. Must share w/ friends! Thank you!

  8. I love it! 🙂 Thank you Katrina.

  9. I do similar meditations! Very useful tool. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great post with a lot of good information. I love the way you write. I miss Paul Harvey too – guess we have to write the rest of the story ourselves now.

    • Katrina

      Thank you for the compliments, I think this may be the destiny of our generation, to write the rest of the story and prepare our children and grandchildren for the next evolution of the Universe as a whole.

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