Do You Know Where You’re Going?

Hard question and if you’re anything like me (and I’m sure at least some of you are 😉 ) the answer changes at least daily, possibly several times a day.  We adults are striving to improve ourselvs, the lives of our children, and the world around us in general.  Today’s earth, even Universe is very different than when our parents and grandparents were our ages.

I recently watched a television show about how Star Trek changed the world.  I’ll admit I think they took several liberties in claiming credit for many of today’s technologies, but when you step back and look at our world, maybe they didn’t.  I blog quite often about law of attraction, meditation, and visualization as means for manifesting what you desire.  In some ways, that’s what the creators and writers of Star Trek did.  They imagined, they wrote, they filmed, they proposed to all of us what might be possible . . . and viola!  We have many of those Trekkie devices today.  Many of the people who imagined, created and developed these gadgets are not around to enjoy what has come of their ideas.  Yet our world is different because of them and many others like them.

My point?  I believe our generation, those of us who are tapping into the inner child, the higher self, the connection of all that is both seen and unseen, are the ones paving the way and proposing ideas which our children and grandchildren will need to live in the world years from now.  By exploring the ‘strange new worlds’ of energy bodies, chakras, meditation, law of attraction, and our connection to the spirits we are not only ‘boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before’, we are also laying the foundation for the next generations to survive in an ever changing and ever expanding Universe.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know Where You’re Going?

  1. This post is perfect timing for me because Ming and I had a horrific argument an hour ago and then eventually got down to the fundamentals – thanks Katrina!
    For me the key is that inner child.

    • Katrina

      For me the inner child and higher self are usually working together against me, so I completely understand

  2. SO TRUE! We often think of Environmental issues, technology, and other aspects of living, and how our choices will impact the future. But it’s also true what you pose – that our way of thinking, our way of life, of caring for ourselves will also impact the future. So insightful! I love your posts!

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