Going on Faith

Spirituality is unique to each person.  Our gifts may be similar yet for each there are differences which make each of us able to offer healing, connection, coaching, counseling, and comfort in ways no one else can.  Which means our visions, messages, personal healing and development are unique to each of us also.

It is important to stay connected to other spiritual coaches, healers, psychics as we are a unique support system for each other and as the evolution of our Universe continues to expand we may, in the not so distant future need each other in very concrete ways.  But, sometimes we each have to go on a little faith.

Most of our posts are inspired by our connection to the Higher Realm and we know when we are supposed to share our insights, epiphanies and experiences. Yet, there are times when the spirits send you a message, or a vision, or an open door you know is meant solely for you.  Trying to make sense of it, explain it in some realistic way or looking for any logic behind it; only lessens the magnitude of your connection to the spirits and the Universe as a whole.  Also, too much sharing of these messages and visions lessens them as well.  If you’re lucky to have a spouse/partner/significant other who understands your gifts and believes in your visions; sharing with them is one thing.  But the messages and visions are for you and you should honor these communications as sacred, because they are. They are your life line to the spirits and the messages and visions have meaning only you can decipher.  Once you understand then you have evolved and healed just a little more and are closer to fulfilling your destiny.

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6 thoughts on “Going on Faith

  1. This is very well said. Something I think that commonly happens is that people have a vision, they feel enlightened, and almost sense an urgent need to share their realizations with the world before letting it all sink in. People who may have good intentions ultimately exploit their new knowledge as way to boost their egos. I’ve seen people who claim they had this one epiphany and then base their entire life, career, etc. off of it. To me that’s gripping too much onto enlightenment of the past; life evolves. And, if you honor your process, the visions/enlightenment continue to come.

  2. Katrina

    Very well said, and thanks as always for reading,

  3. Awesome post!

  4. I feel things… my messages come in the form of “knowing”… but they are messages all the same… and I’ve come to trust them!

    • Katrina

      And trust them you should, its your inner guidance system and it usually knows what’s best for you.

  5. Excellent post! To “honor these communications as sacred” does not mean to create a new religion, but it seems to be a weakness in people. Laura’s comment expands on this sufficiently, so I will not. @Laura: Excellent comment.

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