Symphonies of the Heart

Everyone has a unique vibration, their own music, as it were.  Some vibrations are similar and blend well with another’s.  We’ve all met those people who we just click with.  When this happens our personal vibrations are in harmony.  This happens in families often.  Although, much to the dismay of many moms, it doesn’t always happen between child and parent.  I personally didn’t vibrate in harmony with anyone in my family except my grandfather.  And, my music can harmonize with my daughter’s but not as well as with my grandson.  My point is that vibrational harmony is not determined by DNA or proximity of blood relationship.

But what about those people we are attracted to, or are in a close familial situation with – yet we have trouble balancing the vibrations between us to find the harmony of our personal musics?  Or when, after what seems like a period of harmony we find our vibrations are not syncing the way we would like or the way they once did? Do we give up on the relationship?  Do we decide maybe we should no longer be friends? Or do we seek to restore the balance and harmony?  Or maybe it’s not as severe as this but those little idiosyncrasies are starting to be more obvious, we’re starting to hear their flats in between our sharps or vice versa, what then?

We take the two pieces of music and find a new musical piece in-between the notes.  We listen deep in our soul, down below the surface noise, and find our own ‘Inside’ vibration and then really feel the ‘Outside’ vibration of the other person.  We allow the notes of their outside ‘in’ between your inside ‘out’ notes.  If you’re a little confused with the music analogy, think of it this way, heart beats, two hearts beating together, not as one – but our’s – their’s – our’s – their’s and then just let the rhythm of the two vibrations offset each other’s beat.  To find the beauty of the new music – listen with your heart.

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3 thoughts on “Symphonies of the Heart

  1. Beautiful!!!! Thank you Kat 🙂

  2. Katrina

    You’re welcome, thanks for reading

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