Practical Magic

I love that movie, alas, this is not a movie review.  Magic is afoot, every day, yet, sadly, much of it is taken for granted or missed completely.  I could remind you of various definitions of magic from the Christian Bible to Webster’s Dictionary, but we all have our own perception of magic, which is why so much of it is missed . . . perception.

Magic is energy, everything is energy, so in actuality, magic is movement of energy in unusual or uncommon ways, but is it?  While making the bed this morning, I was pondering why I have better days when I make the bed before beginning any work, or why certain clothes, foot wear and jewelry tend to ease my days?  Now you could say it’s because these issues change how I am thinking or feeling and you’d be correct.  Yet, I believe it’s something more. Every little task casts a pebble in the energy field we live in.  The energy circulating in our bedroom is unique, but the condition of the bed, or clothes on the floor or whether the blinds are open or closed all affect the energy in the room, which affects the energy in the rest of the house, which affects William and I, which affects the people we interact with, and so the energy ripples go on and on and on.  The same with clothing, footwear, food, drink, exercise (there’s another post coming about practical care of our bodies).  The basic principles of Feng Shui are based on this ‘magic’.

Do you have a lucky shirt, underwear, piece of jewelry, or perhaps a coin or other item which you carry with you?  Does the item have power or does it just balance your energy so you use your own power in more positive ways, or is it a little of both?  I believe it’s a lot of both.  The energy from the item resonates well with your energy, which stimulates more positive energy in you, thus sending out ripples of the energy you need or want in your space or life.  Then law of attraction sends back what you have sent out.

Magic is energy. The rituals, spells, even routines we refuse to change are all a form of magic.  How we use the tasks, rituals, etc. and the attitude and motivation they’re based in controls what we get from them.

Happy Monday everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Practical Magic

  1. I have a magic number, actual three numbers that show up together occasionally making me feel guided in some way. When I notice the numbers, I feel secure and positive. It’s definitely a positive energy I welcome. Great post!

    • Katrina

      Thanks, I have numbers that work for me too, there is a lot to be said about the magic behind numbers

  2. We love that movie too! 🙂
    You are so right. It’s why my goal this weekend is to go through my closet and revamp. There are a lot of things I need to toss out and add more colors to my wardrobe.

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