The Hardest Lesson

When you find yourself in a perpetual cycle of the same things over and over again, things you wish were different, situations you struggle with and work to change yet nothing changes, you start to ask yourself why?  All the yogis, gurus and healers will tell you that there’s some lesson you’re not getting, something the Universe wants you to learn before you can move on.  So you start to analyze every little detail, you change your attitude, your approach to other people, your approach to life in general, you set out to heal your karma, you even change your hairstyle and wardrobe, yet the situation stays the same.  You become frustrated, hurt, and begin to feel slightly victimized because you just can’t figure out what you’re missing in this turmoil that never seems to give you a break.

Because, the lesson you are not getting is . . . there is no lesson.  Sometimes life isn’t fair, isn’t easy, and sometimes, just plain hurts.  You didn’t do anything wrong, in fact you may have done your very best.  In another life in a parallel universe you would be a star.  So, stop beating yourself up, stop looking in every nook for something to clean, and stop struggling to learn some cosmic lesson.  There are no perfect people, no perfect situations, this isn’t a perfect world.

I am very behind in my reading of the blogs I follow, I apologize, I will get to you all very soon.  But a good friend recommended I take a few days off to recharge and reevaluate me.  So, everyone have a great weekend and I’ll be back good as new next week.

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6 thoughts on “The Hardest Lesson

  1. Wonderful post. Enjoy your weekend break…you deserve it!

  2. Have a wonderful recharging weekend Katrina!

  3. This wonderful post is so close to BEING and sometimes all those hurts and pains are just the process of our ripening. I feel so much truth in it. Thank you Kat! I wish you a joyful weekend with warmth and tender care.

  4. This is so true!

  5. Hang in there, and I hope you have a rejuvenating break. I so support what you are saying here – sometimes in our attempts to make sense of our lives, and the pain in the world, and learn from mistakes, we can actually end up blaming ourselves, when in fact life is just life. There are so many factors interwoven into our own experience, and although I do believe we can shape much of it, we don’t control everything that happens to us. Ultimately, sometimes growth is about letting go and accepting, without analyzing it too much. All we can really control is our reaction. Love, Lisa

  6. So very true. Thank you for writing this. I agree. I had a cold most of the week along with some birthdays. I intended to write, but then just didn’t feel like it and decided to take a breather. Sometimes it helps a lot. 🙂

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