The Rest of the Story Part 2

I’m sure many of you are wondering what to do if I’ve suggested that the lesson is to just accept life the way it is because it’s not your fault.  Well, just because it’s not your fault, doesn’t mean you can’t change at least part of it.  The first thing I want you to really absorb is that you cannot control or change other people.  Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who are just naturally rude, condescending, and sometimes outright mean.  Be polite and kind, or at least tolerant of them, not because of how they are acting but because of who you are.  Also, try not to spend too much time with them (I’m not talking about your teenagers 🙂 you’re stuck with them) because over the long haul their negativity can and will attach to you.

Second, if they are someone close to you, for example, a boss or co-worker.  Plan your days so you spend a minimum amount of time in direct contact with them.  I once had a friend who worked in an office by herself.  There was no one there except her and the woman she worked for.  They hated each other.  She finally had to find another job.  This may not be a feasible answer for you but don’t completely dismiss the idea.  Always leave at least a backdoor open and have a resume cleaned up in case you need to make a fast exit.

Next, maybe the challenges you’re facing are less personality related and more income related or even a more personal situation such as illness or grief. As you know, the Law of Attraction is a tricky thing.  It works, but only when you’re seducing it.  Yes, I said to seduce the law of attraction.  How?

Make a list of every little detail of how your life will be different when you have your greatest desire, when you’ve reached your goal or found your divine destiny.  Be as specific as possible, don’t rush the process either.  Make the list, leave it for an hour, a day or even a week, then revisit it. Add or take out things and allow the list to always be a work in progress, because as your situation changes, so will you.  Find the little things, for example, maybe you believe you’ll smile more, or you’ll change your diet, exercise routine, or basic daily routine.  Maybe you believe you’ll feel and/or act differently toward your spouse, children, or neighbor.  Do these things now.  This is the seduction part for law of attraction.  If you believe you’ll smile more once that debt is paid, or you finally find that job, or that neighbor sells their house; start smiling now, today, this minute.  Even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyway, a fake smile is better than no smile at all.  Plus, smiling and appearing happy is very irritating to nasty, rude people.  They really don’t know how to respond to you.  If you think you’ll finally feel like exercising (or have extra time to exercise) start doing it now.  Even if all you do is walk around the block, or dance to one song, or do one yoga pose; do it now.

Finally, maybe there was no lesson, life just threw you a curve ball because you were the only one paying attention to the game.  It happens to all of us.  Crap happens, period.  And while you’re seducing the law of attraction, your life may or may not change overnight.  But you will.  You will be changing your personal energy, which changes the energy in your direct space, which changes the energy around the people you interact with and so it goes throughout the universe.  The little improvements add up to the bigger changes.  Some come quickly, some don’t.

And, the last thing I want you to understand about the law of attraction and life in general, neither of them respond at all when you’re blaming yourself.  When you’re allowing guilt and remorse to cloud your days and keep you from appreciating and enjoying the blessings surrounding you all the time.  If you truly made a mistake, apologize, make amends as best you can (don’t own the other person’s reaction to your apology-only your intentions behind it), make yourself learn from your mistakes (if you really made one).  Realize that maybe there is no lesson, life isn’t perfect and it won’t be no matter what does or doesn’t change.  Now go forward living as the person you want to be when you finally have the life you ordered.

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2 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story Part 2

  1. I believe in the Law of Attraction. This is a great advice…and very inspiring too 🙂

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