Balancing Act

This seems to be the mantra of the current generation.  We try to balance responsibility with rest, emotional with physical, and now we’re learning we need to balance our spiritual selves too?  The world is a busy place, as individuals we are even busier when it comes to our responsibilities.  So how exactly are we to throw spiritual into the mix and still stay balanced?

For starters, everything we do, from washing the car, to feeding the dog, to attending our kids soccer game, to preparing meals, it’s all spiritual.  The energy we create performing these tasks have usually positive ramifications in the energy field of Spirit.  What seem like chores are actually us being of service either to others or ourselves.  Of, course there’s a lot riding on our attitude while we’re feeding the dog or cooking, but since we are doing these things out of care and love for those close to us, our energy is felt by Spirit.

Another thing we need to be aware of consciously, is the difference between working on ourselves and working on our relationship with Spirit.  It really doesn’t matter what we believe ‘Spirit’ is, this applies to every concept from Universal Consciousness to a kindly old man with white hair and beard.  When we meditate, perform yoga, allow special rest for our hearts and minds, and eat comfort food; these are all acts of working on ourselves spiritually.  The meditation and yoga are especially important, because these are vitally important when connecting with our hearts, inner child, higher self, and deep-rooted issues. When we spend time in nature, or sit quietly by ourself and listen for the subtle energy vibrations, or concentrate and become fully aware of the intricacies of flowers, or appreciate the full energy of life in the wildlife we encounter, or even just staring at a starry ski and moon and being truly thankful for the magic and wonder of it all; this is building your relationship with Spirit.

If you have questions or are feeling lost or alone in your spiritual quest, contact me at

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4 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. This, my sister is very sound advice! 😀

  2. Thanks for the reminder. It’s easy to forget sometimes when you feel like you’re trapped in the movie Groundhog Day as you wash the dishes and carry the laundry back up the stairs. It’s easy to forget that we are allowed to enjoy even the mundane… more importantly to be grateful for it all.

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