Ascension, Higher Vibrations, and Metaphysical Evolution

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or opinion of psychics, empaths, or energy healers, I think we all can agree that society, people in general, the earth, even the Universe is changing, expanding, and evolving at a more rapid pace than possibly ever before in the history of mankind on earth.  Television, radio, books, magazines, newspapers, the internet are all a buzz with theories, stories and revelations concerning the changes.  People are ascending, raising their personal vibrations, developing new metaphysical abilities and preparing for whatever may happen in the next few weeks.  And yes, it is only weeks now until a cosmic event occurs which, if nothing else, is a historical event we all are honored to witness.  But I suspect its something more.

For you scientists reading this, from a practical point of view, our bodies are over 75% liquid, the gravitational pull of the moon as she rolls through her phases every month have a notable impact on us physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.  When our seasons change we each deal with it differently but still we feel the change.  So polar shifts have an impact on us whether or not we choose to acknowledge them.  As the other planets in our solar system move they also have an effect on earth’s gravity which affects us on pretty much the same level as the moon.  As they are moving into this rare alignment we must be feeling the power on every level of our being.

For you more enlightened souls, simultaneously with the events in our solar system, we as life forms are changing, evolving and transforming.  Our latent abilities are surfacing as our vibrations rise and we find ourselves operating in the world in new, exciting and for some of you frightening ways.  You may now see things in a new way or possibly see things you could not see before.  Or maybe you’re hearing or just sensing energies previously hidden from you.  Regardless of how you are experiencing the change, it is real, you are not crazy, and if used morally and ethically, the new abilities will help you adjust as life continues to evolve.

My dear friend at Love and Light Portal pointed out to me that possibly the physical challenges I’ve been going through recently are a result of these very changes.  I am an empath and quite often pick up random thoughts and feelings from others.  But unbeknownst to her when she suggested this, I have recently developed the ability to see auras around plants, trees, flowers, even the ground.  While this is exciting, I’ve also discovered certain colors don’t resonate with me at all.  Which may explain the dizziness, nausea, weakness,  watering of my eyes and nose, hoarseness and inability to sleep.  I can feel my own personal vibration rising.  Some days it feels a little like anxiety, other days like an almost euphoric excitement, other times a deep sense of gratitude and love for everything in existence.  I am more sensitive to energy all around me (including people) and by sensitive, I mean I care more about the life force from which everything came on a new and conscious level.

My advice is to take better care of your physical bodies.  Until we ascend to a level where we no longer need our bodies, we need them and ascension will be easier if we’re not distracted by a weak body which isn’t operating at peak performance.  Also, as you sense the changes heralding your transformation, don’t fear it and don’t think or let anyone else tell you you’re crazy or its your imagination.  It’s all very real.

Finally, connect with others who are experiencing these same changes.  The collective energy of those of us who welcome and cooperate with these changes will help others less enthusiastic about their transformation.  Living beings have always been dependent on each other, this includes animals, plants, the earth, and humans.  The transformations taking place are merely a change in how we depend on each other.  Compassion, understanding, patience and love are more important than ever.

Have a great weekend.

Blessings, Katrina

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6 thoughts on “Ascension, Higher Vibrations, and Metaphysical Evolution

  1. Warriors and Goddesses

    beautifully written Katrina. I too have felt an overwhelming urge to nurture myself more than ever (with the help of a naturopath). I know what you mean about feeling a little crazy sometimes too! The shifts can be quite tumultuous so is a task to keep with the breath and be present. peace.

  2. You inspire me.

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  4. Thank you Katrina. To me the subject matter is so real because I know now how it is like to go through the cleansing process, spin and tumble dry… and still dizzy but each time I am feeling much lighter and more inspired! I thank you from my heart for bringing this awareness further. I am sharing your wonderful post with my readers as well. THANK YOU my dear friend 🙂

    Now that you are also seeing Auras so clearly, another curtain has been lifted I guess. I am so excited for you 🙂

    • Katrina

      Thanks for understanding what I’m going through, and for sharing my story so that I may help others. I truly appreciate your blog and information you are making available to others. Blessings.

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