Circle of Life

Autumn, indian summer, fall, there are many names for this time of year. Early settlers and their European ancestors celebrated this time of year as a harvest of the crops they had worked so hard on all summer. As the food was harvested for the winter, the remaining parts of the plants appeared to die, then the soil was turned and allowed to take a long winter’s nap.  The days became shorter, the nights longer and colder. Death seemed imminent.

Life is constantly flowing and moving.  It never truly stands still.  It may move faster or slower at different times in the cycle, but it never really stops.  For Druids autumn is a time of celebration of the stages of life (of course all seasons are a celebration of life in one form or another). They know a secret . . . death is an illusion.  Not an ending, not a finality as it sometimes appears.  It’s just a changing of form and rhythm of the life force.

Plants turn brown and become crisp, leaves on the trees change color and often fall to the ground leaving the trees barren and brown.  Flowers lose their blooms, birds and bees which pollinate the plants hibernate – taking their own long winter’s nap.  They are not dead, they are resting. They are allowing the life cycle to slow and take a break from the activity of spring and summer.

Bears, prairie dogs, skunks, just to name a few have their babies while hibernating.  Hidden from all other eyes they are still very much alive recreating life.  Sunflower seeds fall in autumn, lie dormant and then in late spring and mid summer burst forth with recreated life.

So right about now, some of you are saying that while this is all true, we are not bears or sunflowers.  No we’re not.  But we come from the same life force as the bears and the sunflowers and every other life form.  These physical bodies are just vehicles we use while in this life form.  We have over eons upon eons conditioned ourselves to over identify with the body we’re given and when it wears out we are conditioned to believe its the end of us.  Or at the very least, that our spirits have moved on to some far away land never to be seen or heard from again.  This is only true because you believe it to be.  If you could reprogram your heart and mind, listen to your spirit, you’d realize the spirit world is not far away, it’s right here, all the time.  It’s merely a different form of the life force, a different curve of the circle of life.

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2 thoughts on “Circle of Life

  1. “This is only true because you believe it to be” I like this one 🙂
    Bashar, one of our galactics friend used to say – “if you want to change and you aren’t managing it or can’t, check your belief system… “. I have found it to be very true for myself.
    Thank you so much for this very enlightening message Kat. Have a great weekend!

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