There are so many forms of sacrifice; so many ways to commit acts of sacrifice.  I truly believe there is no such thing as ‘having it all.’  Everything has at least some form of condition attached, if not an out right price.  Some times we are consciously aware of giving up one thing to have another.  We know we are sacrificing to gain.

But what about the times we don’t fully think things through or are not thinking at all about the consequences, only feeling the passion of the moment?  There have been people whose destiny was to live only in the passion of the moment, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Gandhi, Mohammed, Martin Luther King, just to name a few.  But the destiny for most of us is less dramatic, less intense, yet a destiny none the less.  To fully live into our destiny we must dig up bones, heal wounds from beyond long ago, recognize and embrace our authentic self.  But doing this comes with at least a condition attached, if not an out right price.

For example,  I’m the mother of mothers.  I have the art of ‘mothering’ down to a science. I over mother everyone.  My daughter used to call me ‘mother earth’.  For many years I felt the yearnings, the tugs, the screams and silent suffering of my soul not living its true destiny.  I ignored all the calls because I was so busy being a mom and then a grandmom.  There was nothing wrong with my life, I was (still am to a degree) a great mom and grandmom.  But I wasn’t living my destiny, I wasn’t paying attention to my soul or listening to my spirit. Plus, in my obsession over being mom and grandmom, I was stunting my daughter’s and grandson’s maturity, development and spiritual growth.  I was right there ignoring my own needs while fulfilling theirs.  Needs I should have been letting them acquire on their own.  I was sacrificing my destiny while depriving them of theirs’.

Many of you are probably doing something very similar.  Maybe you’re sacrificing your destiny for a career, or hobby, or other goal.  Maybe you think the monetary price is too high, or the physical exertion will be too great.  Possibly you’re afraid of the bones you’ll unearth or the wounds you’ll have to heal if you face your spiritual destiny.  But is the sacrifice worth the price you’re paying right now?  This is a question you have to answer on your own.  Yet, speaking from experience, to find true peace with yourself and contentment with your destiny, my advice is to weigh the cost you’re paying now against the cost of fulfilment over the cost of never reaching your destiny and knowing you answered the call of your spirit.  You may find the conditions are not as steep, nor the road as long as they appear.  But you won’t know until you start the journey.

For help charting the path of your spiritual destiny:

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2 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Now you really have me thinking!

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