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Rest versus Sleep

A few days ago I wrote a post on the importance of dreams.  But there is much more to sleep than just dreams.  We healers are good at advising our clients to raise your vibrations, meditate, commune with spirits, and develop your higher senses.  What we neglect to tell you is how physically exhausting this can all be especially when you’re trying to maintain some semblance of normality in your life; like school, work, family, socializing, etc.

The physical body tends to adjust to a routine. When you add a new exercise regiment you’re pushing past your physical limits and challenging your body for more strength and energy.  When you change your diet, your nourishing the body in new and challenging ways to help it perform better. When you begin meditating, communing with spirits and developing higher senses which raises your vibrations, this too challenges your physical body.  So, when you feel tired, weak, need or even just want extra sleep, take the time for it.

Meditating will give most people an initial energy boost.  However, later in the day or toward evening they may feel more tired than usual.  This is the aftermath of the energy boost from earlier.  The same with chakra flushing, channeling or other exercises which raise your vibrations.  Sudden fluctuations in your vibrations are physically tiring.  I’m not suggesting that you fall back to the previous level, but it takes practice to raise your vibration and become spiritually strong enough to maintain the new levels.  As your vibrations grow stronger and raise, there will be dips where you need to rest and then raise them back.  Its like spiritual weight lifting.  It takes time and resting  is essential for being able to raise the vibrations and maintain them over the long haul.

If you would like coaching on raising your vibrations and developing spiritual muscles without wearing yourself out, email me at

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A Touchy Subject

Prayer.  It’s one of the most intimate activities anyone engages in.  And based on religion / spiritual beliefs, there  are any number of names for it.  Yet at the end of the day, it’s a mortal attempt to communicate with the Divine.  Our world is noisy and there is a plethora of resources for human contact.  We are so technological we consider the internet and television as social activities.  They are our connection to other people.  But they still can’t connect us to God, (or the name you use for your Divine Creator), the angels, or any other spirit.  Connection with the Divine still requires we attempt some sort of personal contact.  And, I’m sure many of you will agree that no matter how much human contact you obtain, it’s not the same as contact with spirits.

There are numerous ways to communicate with Divinity.  You can bow in total supplication, you can kneel in a house of worship, you can recite or chant invocations, you can talk in your head (I’ve gotten some great answers this way) or you can sit in your living room or on your patio and talk out loud to beings no one else can see.  I do this a lot, William used to ask me who I was talking to, now he just stays away until I quit talking.  He was raised to communicate with Great Spirit internally with his heart and mind because we are all connected.  I totally agree with this, I’ve just always enjoyed speaking out loud to God, Jesus, angels, I even talk to animals and plants. It’s just how I share my energy.  My grandson does this too, and he gets pretty good results when he asks for things.

Which leads me to why we communicate with any spirit.  We have questions, concerns, needs, desires, or just want someone to talk to who really understands and cares how we feel.  God, Jesus, angels, animals (animals spirits) plants, fairies, whoever you communicate with, they rarely offer opinions unless you are adamant in asking what they think, they never tell you your feelings are wrong, and they never try to fix you or your situation unless you are actually seeking their intervention.  We all long for personal contact with other life, spirits are alive and they are totally non-judgmental and offer unconditional acceptance and love.  What more could any of us ask when we need someone to listen, understand, care and love us?

I  also belief all spirits; even the most Divine, seek communication, interaction, even relationships with us.  We should all reach out and welcome the spirits.  So, this song has been stuck in my head for many days, enjoy, and Happy Sunday.


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Music Passion – Early in the Morning

There isn’t much written about this song, but I really like it, so for my All About Lemon Music Passion October entry I chose Early in the Morning by Vanity Fare.  The song was written by Mike Leander and Eddie Seago.  It reached #8 in the UK in 1969 and #12 in the US in early 1970.  Enjoy!

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Importance of Dreams

From a physiological perspective there are 5 stages of sleep, 1) light beginning sleep where we transition from awake to sleep; 2) brain waves change, body temperature drops and heart rate slows; 3) brain waves continue changing and we transition from light sleep to deeper sleep; 4) deep sleep characterized by very slow delta brain waves; and, 5) REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep where dreams occur.  REM sleep is a paradox in some ways because the brain becomes active again in a different way than when we’re awake, our heart rate increases again and we may breathe a little faster, yet our muscles become very relaxed, almost paralyzed.  There is still a debate in the scientific / medical communities as to the need for certain amounts of sleep.  My personal opinion is its very important.  We could debate endlessly about the physical health benefits of sleep, but if you don’t allow your subconscious to dream, to clean out closets and talk to you, there are any number of possible mental and spiritual problems that can arise.

Not everyone has vivid dreams, some of you think you don’t dream simply because you really don’t recall your dreams when you awake.  But you are dreaming and the dreaming is important whether you remember it or not. We basically all have photographic memories in the sense that our subconscious records everything we see, feel, hear, smell, touch, think, then stores it somewhere in the deep recesses of our brain.  Much of this information can be considered information overload or just not necessary, so the subconscious needs to release it, clean it out and reorganize the remaining stored information.  This occurs during REM sleep.

For those of us who remember most dreams and for the even fewer of you (like me) who are vivid dreamers, REM sleep is vital for our mental and spiritual health.  I admit there are many nights when my brain cleans (but even awake I’m a clean freak so . . . ), and truthfully too many nights cleaning out old, mostly forgotten, useless images from the deep, dark basement of my subconscious leaves me more frustrated than rested.  My common sense and intuition tell me its crucial because once the cleaning and reorganizing are done, my subconscious can speak to me, reveal my frustrations, longings, desires, perceived obstacles, worries and path to happiness.  Thus allowing me to deal with my deeper issues before they are out of control.

Never underestimate the power of your conscious and subconscious mind. Never dismiss any dreams too lightly until you’re sure it’s just a cleaning spree, and pay attention to the dreams which evoke intense emotions or which recur often.  They are trying to tell you something and if the dream comes often, it’s most likely something important.

Have a great weekend everybody and if you need more information about dreams or some help decoding dreams, please email me at

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Old Wives Tales

Ever wonder where all the old wives tales come from?  Well, I’m sure many of them are based in fears, shadows, and oppression of their times.  But, I’m also sure that more than a few of them are based in truth.  Consider if you will those of us today who are currently experiencing extreme shifts in ability to perceive energy, increasing psychic abilities and vibrational ascensions.  We have support from each other and in today’s society we’re allowed to be thought a little crazy as long as we’re not a danger to ourselves or others.  But  hundreds of years ago this wasn’t true.  During the 1600s, 1700s, even 1800s, if you were gifted with psychic ability, or any paranormal power you kept it a secret otherwise you might be accused of being a witch, wizard or demon.  In which case you could be put to death.  If you were sensitive to animals and could communicate with them psychically you kept this secret too or you and the animal were doomed.

Imagine living 250 years ago and you are able to see spirits.  And imagine a helpful spirit who starts helping you cook amazing meals.  If you tell anyone about the spirit, you’ll be thought a witch.  So, you make up a ‘old wives tale’ about kitchen witches to explain why you do odd things when cooking.  Or, suppose you notice a synchronicity around pregnancy and being able to tell the sex of the child before birth.  Again, to protect yourself and your knowledge, you’ll probably make up a ‘old wives tale’ to explain how you know things.

Therefore, women (and more than a few men) made up stories and tales to explain anything odd which happened around them.  If they could blow it off as just an old wives tale told by their mom, grandmother, aunt, they were less likely to be accused of anything malevolent.  Also, many with powers passed their knowledge from generation to generation through stories and ‘tales’ to keep the power alive but keep the practitioner safe.

Just another reason to be grateful for the times we’re living in and the amazing changes we’re part of in our current society.

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Our energy, the energy around us, everything we perceive in our environment, surroundings, life, is nothing but energy.  How we interact with, react to, and act upon ourselves, our environment and our life can, will and does determine our reality.  We get so wrapped up in what we perceive with our eyes, what we think we spy with our outer looking, that we either forget or simply choose not to feel with our energy bodies, our auras and inner knowing.

As children, growing up, most of us were taught to use our five basic physical senses.  We should for the balance of our bodies with the environment, however, by doing nothing but using the five physical senses, we’ve lost touch with and the ability to fully use our sixth, seventh even eighth senses.  Senses which allow us to energetically interact with, react to and act upon the unseen energy forces which control the outcome of what we manifest into reality.

The energetic senses (6th, 7th, 8th) are necessary for bringing our dreams out into reality when we’re awake; they are necessary for maintaining balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual components of our being; and they are vital for our continued progress and evolution in our ever-expanding, evolving and growing universe.

If you are struggling with your energy senses (6th, 7th, 8th and above) or would just like exercises to strengthen and develop them email me at

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Final Destination

Many don’t know the extent of healing required to ‘feel’ divine.  Even fewer comprehend the work involved in healing if they are aware of the need.  Fewer still have the guts to face their shadow selves once they clean out the superficial junk that blocks them on a daily basis.  And only a select few have the fearlessness required to dig up the bones and exorcise the demons they carry in order to be truly whole.

Healing is messy, tiring, and often scary.  There are days when it will make you physically sick and other days your own grief feels as though you are the one who died.  You even feel your demons chasing you in the dark once you have exorcised them.  Dreams haunt you and days seem endless.  You cry, you rage, you give up for hours or days and then you try to return to the battle only to find yourself numb again.  Yes, it is a war, a war with yourself, a war only you can fight and a war only you have the power to win.  Yet, on the bloody morning after, you are the one tin soldier who rides away.

Then what?  You have exorcised your demons, slayed the dark forces within you, faced the haunting memories which left scars no other person can imagine, overcome the battles of your soul against your spirit and suddenly you find you’re done.  The battles are all won and now you go home. Home to the new you, a you which is somehow familiar yet foreign too.  You’ve been away too long and the wholeness of the real you will take some getting used to again, you have to re-acquaint yourself with you.  You are home, you have reached your Final Destination . . . now what?

Now is when you truly LIVE.  Now is the someday you longed for and fought for.  Welcome to a healthy, whole life which you create each day.  A life tailored by you for you.  Welcome home.

No matter where you are in this battle with yourself, email me at  and I’ll be ready with the weapons you need to win the war.

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Starry Starry Night

I’ve been watching the Orionid meteor shower.  It’s a little after 4:00 a.m. and there are stars, meteors, inky darkness highlighted with the miracles of space.  As I listen to the yips of coyotes in the distance, watch the meteors streak across the sky, take in the planets and mass of stars so thick they truly appear milky, I have to ask myself why we fear the dark. I can rationalize why many avoid the night based on solid anthropological studies.  However, we miss much of the charm of our universe by allowing unfounded trepidation to prevent us from becoming intimate with the night.  An intimacy which affords us the balance of energies necessary for spiritual stability. The night is quiet, there to embrace us if we choose to tear ourselves away from our irrational fears to seek out the gifts the night offers. There is a bright display of magic in the night sky, a performance of etheral mystery not visible in the sunlight.  The energy of the night is more subtle, gentle and waites to be welcomed and appreciated.  Is there as regularly as the day, yet never intrusive or demanding, always there for all who wish to permit the night to enchant them.

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”


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Hallowe’en Hijinks

I want to state that I love Halloween.  I also want to be perfectly clear that I respect and celebrate with respect the Holy day of Samhain.  So, while reading my ‘fun’ posts about Halloween, please don’t think I take the holiday lightly.  I’m just having fun with it.

Today, is all about random fun facts, my silly musings and a poem from my childhood that I still enjoy. So, here we go . . .

The word witch comes from the old english wicce and the wicca were once highly respected for their knowledge and power.

If a black cat crosses your path but you don’t see it, will you still have bad luck? Are white cats good luck?

The first jack-o’-lanterns in Ireland were hollowed out turnips with candles placed in them to keep away evil spirits.

Seeing a spider on Halloween is believed to be the spirit of a loved one watching over you (I’m good then, I live in the desert, I see spiders just about every day 🙂  )

I’m named after the character in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Katrina Von Tassle) my father was reading the story and loved the name so much, he had me named about 2 years before I was born.

In my family the number 13 is thought to be lucky.  My parents were married on the 13th, my daughter was born on the 13th, when playing sports in school William’s number was 13.  (yes, I know 13 doesn’t have much to do with Halloween, I just threw this in for fun).

On All Hallows Eve (Oct 31) it’s believed the veil between our world and the spirit world is blurred.  Masks were originally worn to keep the spirits from recognizing the living.

My family loves black cats and we believe when one adopts you then you will have good luck.  We always feed stray cats too no matter what color.  They are the guardians of the underworld.

When Thomas Edison died it is believed that Henry Ford captured his last dying breath in a bottle. (wonder where that bottle is?)

Tonight, when the last light is gone

And you’re almost too sleepy to yawn

Put your ear to the wall

and hear the thing crawl

but don’t cry

it leaves before dawn . . .

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween or even what ‘scary’ notion interests you the most?  Happy Hallowe’en.


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Making Yourself Sick

I’ve gotten permission from a client to share her amazing story.  She is a single mom who lives with a nice guy.  The problem is this guy doesn’t want to get married or every have any more children (he has two of his own).  My client has felt for some time now that this may not be the right relationship for her, but like so many women she’s been caught up in the day-to-day, ‘there’s really no reason to leave’ scenario.

Recently she woke up one morning feeling more tired than usual and just knew something wasn’t right.  However, she took her son to school and headed to work.  After about an hour she began to have sharp pains in her side, became very nauseated and weak.  She told her boss she was sick and needed to go home. But being the wise woman she is, she drove herself to the emergency room.   After many tests and examinations it was determined she has large ovarian cysts.  The cysts will probably have to be removed surgically, but this is what I’m doing for her along with the medical treatment she is receiving:

First, the ovaries are the seat of creativity and creation.  Cysts are false growth.  My client has known for years that she wanted more children.  She has been harboring deep grief and sadness because she wasn’t sure how to ‘grow’ her dream of more children while with her current boyfriend.  She also feels as though she has nothing new and exciting to look forward to in her life.

I went over her diet with her and found she is eating too much red meat and dairy, while consuming very little leafy greens, or many vegetables at all. I have started her on little changes in diet, just a few things each week.  Next we are really pulling up those deep, unspoken feelings of sadness, disappointment and even grief that she sees no immediate plans for more children.  Once I got her to admit this was really eating away at her, she began to cry. Crying is good.  I recommended that she cry as long and as much as she needs until she feels better or there are no tears left.  I have given her specific meditations for her second, third and fourth chakras which will also invoke some crying.  I have also started her on an energy medicine exercise routine where she will massage energy meridians in her body to help open the energy blockages which probably caused the cysts in the first place.

Is she out of the woods yet?  No, she will need to have the cysts removed and she needs to heal emotionally and spiritually as well.  The point is, by holding in these deep, profound, life altering emotions, she made herself physically sick.  When you don’t acknowledge, voice, and then release intense emotions, they will get your attention, one way or the other.

If you are dealing with emotional turmoil and spiritual pain, I’m just an e-mail away.

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