We know we’re not supposed to judge.  Part of enlightenment and ascension is rising above judgment and accepting everything as is, unconditionally.  Love all no matter the circumstances.  But is that really good for us?  There is a difference between forgiving and being non-judgmental.  We can forgive but we can (and should) protect ourselves from being hurt, wounded or even wronged.  To know when and how to protect ourselves, we have to have some level of judgment   Some feeling of right and wrong, what resonates with us and what does not, what is good for us and what is not.

There must be a balance of positive and negative.  There are negative energies all around.  These negative energies are necessary for positive to exist.  There cannot be one without the other.  But we don’t have to a-line ourselves with the negative energies.  We should not allow these energies to affect us.  However, to a-line with and accept the positive we must have some judgment of what is positive and what is negative.  Judgment is necessary to understand what resonates with us and what does not, to comprehend what is good for us and what is not.

Not everything which resonates with us will resonate with others.  Likewise, others may find energies resonating with them which do not feel ‘right’ for us.  This is where judgment should stop.  We cannot and should not judge for others.  We can and should only judge for ourselves.  This is also where acceptance comes into the picture.  How others live is not a statement on our life.  How we live is not a statement on their’s.  We must each find our own path and energy which resonates with us and leave others to do the same.

A deep subject and one which deserves more development.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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One thought on “Judgment

  1. A deep subject indeed and a hard one to learn. It was only recently that I managed to get my head around it.

    I once listened to these words on tape and when you talked about judgement I felt the urge to look for it again. As an extension to your incredible understanding on the matter, I thought I’d attach this for your perusal. Thank you so much Katrina!

    Judgement and Preference

    Judgement is invalidating that which you do not prefer. Whenever you judge anything, by focusing your attention on it, you exchange energies with it, and so you “become” that vibration. So you automatically become the very thing you disapprove of. You become that which you invalidate. Preference, on the other hand, is not judgement. Preference is exercising your ability to discern what is really “you”, what excites you, and then making choices aligned with the real “you”. To prefer one thing does not necessitate invalidating those other things you do not prefer.

    You become whatever you focus your attention on. To assign any meaning to anything – either a positive meaning or a negative meaning – is to invite that into your life. Being neutral about something – assigning it no meaning – is the way to not attract that reality into your life.

    “That’s terrible!” =========> You are attracting that reality.
    “That’s wonderful!” =======> You are attracting that reality.
    “I feel neutral about that.” ===> You are not attracting that reality.

    Cease to invalidate yourself, because you are all you have to work with in your universe. You are the representation, in your own way, of the Infinite. If you invalidate that, or any part of that, then you do not allow yourself to function as a whole being capable of using information coming to you from others in a constructive way.

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