New Age or Old Ways

The world is in a flux of major change.  I’m not speaking of just our spiritual evolution, although I feel that spirituality will ultimately unlock the final barrier before we settle into a new way of being, new societal norms, basically a new world.  Listen to the political analysts, follow either (or like me, both) political candidates, study the stock market, evaluate current medical trends (both conventional and alternative), and compare all the varying religious principles out there right now, the choices are becoming more definitive everyday.  We are being presented the clearest choices (possibly ever) for how we want our world to look, operate and feel beginning in the next few weeks.

Some of you are living with the concept that these changes won’t affect you much. You will continue in your chosen profession, with most of your current co-workers and friends, or at least that’s what you hope.  However, I sense religious principles and ideals will never be the same again.  I am seeing a coming spiritual metamorphoses that will affect every aspect of life for us.  I also don’t really believe it’s going to matter which political candidate is in office, although I do believe that one candidate will make the spiritual transition easier than the other (this post isn’t about politics, so no, I’m not naming names-today).

Many of us were born for this time.  We may not have realized growing up that we would be pioneering the way for a spiritual awakening, yet here we are today and there is no turning back.  We either accept the call, which means accept the responsiblity of guiding others to collectively raise their vibrations, interact with and learn to energetically live with the earth and all her life forms, or, stand by and hope everything turns out alright.  Many who sense these daily changes are choosing to step out before the bigger changes.  They know that physically and/or spiritually the transition will be too much or some may do more good from the spirit world.

For us still here, we are the team who is leading the way.  We are on a path not well trodden, there are obstacles, and cross-roads.  There will be places where the path will disappear and it will be up to us to forge through.  But I am of the mind and spirit that while we may be on a path less taken, it is only a path less taken by us.  The way has been paved by the spirits and many that went before us.  All we have to do is watch and listen and we’ll be shown the way to lead the others who will come after us.  And for those who call us and what we do ‘new age’.  No, we are bringing forth the ‘old ways’.  The ways of shaman, medicine people, yogis, and many others.  The ways long forgotten which need to be remembered for the earth to survive.

For the light workers, the spiritual warriors, whatever you wish to call yourselves, how we heal others, how we lead others, how we forge the way, is unique for each of us.  Some are listening to the animals, plant or earth spirits.  Some are clairaudient, some are clairvoyant, some communicate in dreams, some are channels, mediums, and other degrees of psychic ability.  And more than a few of us have a combination of these abilities.  Some of our followers believe us, still many don’t.  That is not our problem. They will either in time come to trust us, or they won’t.  Our mission, our purpose, our Divine calling is to use our higher vibrations, connections to spirits and special abilities to lead the way and to do so with love.

And for those of you reading this who don’t believe yet, who think myself and people like me are kooks, crazies etc.  We are just like you.  The only difference is we have special talents.  You may be an architect, bookkeeper, mechanic, insurance sales person, or other ‘typical’ professional.  Many of us have day jobs, and for many others, this is our day job.  For the record, while I sit writing this post which came to me from the spirits, I’m drinking coffee, listening to William post the Beatles in numerous languages on facebook and dancing in my chair to the beat of the music, while planning snacks for the football games today and dinner this evening.  And this is my point, life as we know it is only changing for the better.  Music, art, passion and romance will live on as we raise our vibrations to unconditional acceptance and love.  A life where daily interaction with spirits, and other life is the norm while we continue to sing, dance, play ball, and live with joy and peace.

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2 thoughts on “New Age or Old Ways

  1. Thank you for this post Katrina!!

  2. Katrina

    You’re very welcome, thanks for reading!

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