Diving Into the Deep End

While watching television this weekend, I saw a commercial of people diving into a swimming hole.  It looked really fun, but then I started to think.  When we were kids we always made sure the water we jumped into was deep enough to catch us before we hit bottom and that there were no rocks or other obstacles to hit.  Ever notice at any swimming pool on any hot summer day, 90% of the people are in the shallow part of the pool and only about 10% are in over their heads?

Life is a lot like swimming.  Most feel safer in the shallow parts.  They make sure they can touch bottom, which is good while you’re learning to swim.  But once you are comfortable navigating your body through the water, do you stay in the shallow end?  Do you make sure you can touch bottom if you want?  Is this playing it safe?

Playing it safe is nothing to be ashamed of, we all have done it at some point.  However, what do we gain if we’re always playing safe?  What do we accomplish if we never push past our limits or never take the chance to cross an area where we may be in over our head but are still navigating safely through the water?  What excitement, fun, joy and exhilaration are we missing if we never jump into the deep, open, no idea where the bottom is, water of life?

Just something to think about.  Happy Monday!

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7 thoughts on “Diving Into the Deep End

  1. Well that got me thinking again – how do you do that to me?

  2. Nice and very true! 🙂

  3. Playing safe is a sign of extreme intelligence I think

    • Katrina

      Maybe, although, I think sometimes you have to play it by ear based on the circumstances, (wink, wink)

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